Esquina: Stay of Proceedings in the Pacheco Case Is Refuted

[The so-called stay of proceedings was denied by] Carlos Gallardo, prosecutor for the City of Esquina. In response to the purported stay of proceedings in the case against Father Pacheco, accused of sexual abuse, Gallardo confirmed that it isnít true. Rather, Pacheco remains in detention at the departmental police station, awaiting oral argument. His sentence could exceed 8 years in prison.

Corrientes Online
July 11, 2012

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According to information published by a Corrientes newspaper, there was a stay of proceedings last week in the city of Esquina in the case against priest Domingo Jesús Pacheco for alleged sexual abuse of a boy from Chaco.
Carlos Gallardo, prosecutor for the City of Esquina, said he was surprised by that information because “it’s exactly the opposite of what is happening. The case will go to trial soon, and we estimate that oral arguments at the Criminal Court Goya will take place over the course of the year.  What remains to be heard is the court’s pronouncement on the case,” confirmed Gallardo.
“His prosecution was appealed by the defense and the court has to pronounce on the appeal filed by the defense.  The case records are in our possession.  The priest is being detained at the departmental police station, but there is no stay of proceedings; on the contrary, he is firmly prosecuted and will continue to be [in custody] until the oral argument,” indicated Gallardo.
He emphasized that the case has developed in line with the expected timeline, dating back approximately 10 months when the criminal complaint was filed by the first individual.  Then a second complaint was made [by a different individual], but further investigation led to an unproductive end [after it was shown to be] “lacking in merit,” and so the second complaint was dismissed.
Finally, Gallardo specified that Pacheco could receive a prison sentence of 4 to 15 years, but “it’s a crime [for which he’ll get] at least 8 years.”



















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