Searching the Abuse Tracker Archive

As a first step in broadening our users' search options, we have expanded the search function for Abuse Tracker. In the past, this feature searched the Abuse Tracker's partial text archives for 2005-2006, as well as the title archives for 2004.

The new search feature still searches those files and titles, but it also searches the more than 14,000 full-text articles on This will give you a greater number of results for most searches.

Next year we will upgrade the search for 2004, so that it searches Abuse Tracker's partial text archive as well as the title archive for that year.

We will also explore with Poynter the possibility of searching Abuse Tracker archives for 2002 and 2003.

Note that our search function is updated every evening after midnight. This means that articles added to Abuse Tracker in the morning become searchable after our search update that night. If you wish to search today's articles, simply go to the Abuse Tracker main page, type Control+F, type the word(s) for which you're searching, and then type Enter.

Please write to us at and let us know how the search function is working, and what features you'd like us to add.

Thanks and all best,

Terry McKiernan
Anne Barrett Doyle

Waltham, Massachusetts
December 20, 2006


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