Rev. Donald J. McGuire, S.J.
Career, Accusations of Abuse, Information Sources, and Documents

This webpage gathers information about Rev. Donald J. McGuire, a convicted serial pedophile whom the Jesuits allowed to continue functioning as a priest for 35 years after they first received allegations in the late 1960s. The page includes a chronology of McGuire's career and the allegations against him; collections of media reports and legal filings; and an archive of Jesuit documents and complaints by parents. In addition, this page is linked with two accounts of McGuire's career: a detailed assignment record prepared by and a timeline of McGuire's career prepared by the law firm of Kerns, Pitrof, & Pearlman.

McGuire worked as a teacher at the Jesuit's Loyola Academy in Chicago and at San Francisco University, and as a prolific retreat master. He gave retreats for aspiring diocesan priests, and for many years was spiritual director for the Carmelite Sisters and the Missionaries of Charity, whose leader and founder, Mother Theresa, selected McGuire to be her confessor. Through his Mission FIDES organization, McGuire organized and led Ignatian retreats for lay people. He collaborated with EWTN in the early 1980s and was chaplain of the National Federation of Catholic Physicians in the early to mid-1990s. McGuire preyed upon his students and upon boys in the devout families who attended and funded his Ignatian retreats, especially ones who acted as his personal assistants.

The McGuire cases are significant for many reasons: for the number of his victims; for the duration and severity of the abuse; for the callous dishonesty of the Jesuit order in ignoring complaints; for McGuire's arrogant manipulation of Catholic families' faith and trust; and for his national and international travels while abusing his victims. McGuire has been charged in federal court with "traveling in interstate and foreign commerce for the purpose of engaging in a sexual act with a minor."

Career of Donald J. McGuire, S.J.

The following table presents information on McGuire's Jesuit assignments and on the allegations against him. See also our detailed McGuire assignment record with links to legal complaints, media reports, and other sources of information.

Eleven victims of McGuire are currently known; some were abused hundreds of times. Pornography and confession were used in the grooming and abuse, and the victims were often transported across state and international boundaries. Abuse included digital penetration and forced oral sex.

McGuire's career as priest and predator falls into two phases – an academic phase 1954-81 during which McGuire taught high school and college, with interludes to acquire advanced degrees; and a spiritual direction phase 1981-2003 during which he traveled extensively directing retreats and providing advice to nuns, priests, and lay people. In the transition 1970-83 between these two phases, after the Jesuits were informed of McGuire's abuse of John Doe 84 in 1969, McGuire worked as an educational consultant and was involved in several experiments in liberal education.

McGuire's MO was to isolate his targets by arranging for them to live with him and travel with him. In the academic phase, he would present this isolation as academically beneficial. In the retreat phase, the boys were often given a non-paying year-long position as his assistant. McGuire's status among his followers as a sickly saint provided the rationale for such assistance. Once with him, the boys were plied with pornography and discouraged from maintaining close contact with their parents. Using this technique, McGuire was often able to abuse a victim hundreds of times before moving on to the next boy. His peripatetic schedule (dozens of out-of-state and foreign retreats each year) constantly shifted the victims away from persons likely to notice or object. McGuire was also adept at cultivating relationships with orthodox nuns and lay people who would be impressed by his status with Mother Theresa and less inclined to scrutinize his arrangements with his assistants. "We were mistaken and perhaps taken in by our own pride," wrote one victim's father.

Although McGuire's emphasis changed from academic to spiritual over the years, the spiritual element was present in early arrangements and the academic element may be seen in later ones. McGuire was doing retreats as early as the mid-1960s, and to his early academic victims he posed as a counselor. The earliest person known to have been victimized on a retreat (Individual G) was abused in the late 1970s, well before McGuire's retreat mill was in full production. Likewise, McGuire maintained the academic approach late into his career, as a method to impress parents and victims. Victim 8, who was abused 1999-2003, delayed college and stayed with McGuire to pursue his studies with the priest.

In the table below, the victim's names are linked to a more detailed account with links to documents and other sources. Below the table on this page, we have assembled collections of media reports and legal filings; and an archive of Jesuit documents and complaints by parents.


                        • 1947-1951 Novitiate of the Sacred Heart in Milford OH (novice)
                        • 1951-1952 West Baden College in West Baden Springs IN (B.A.)
                        • 1951-1952 Loyola University in Chicago IL (major in Classical languages)
                        • 1952-1954 West Baden College in West Baden Springs IN (Licentiate in philosophy)

• 1954-1957 Loyola Academy (Latin teacher)

                        • 1955 Loyola University in Chicago IL (M.A. course work)
                        • 1957-1961 West Baden College in West Baden Springs IN (Licentiate in theology)
                        • 1961 Ordained
                        • 1961-1962 Westphalia Jesuit seminary (5th-year theology)
                        • 1962-1965 University of Innsbruck (doctoral study)

• 1965-1970 Loyola Academy (Greek teacher, department chair, guidance counsellor)
                        • Loyola Academy Honors Program (cofounder)

                        • 1970-1974 Loyola University in Chicago (M.A. in Classics)
                        • 1972 Newman College in Normandie MO (cofounder)
                        • 1974-1977 Loyola University in Chicago (Ph.D. in Classics)

• 1976-1981 University of San Francisco, Ignatius Institute (teacher, retreats, counseling)

                        • 1976- Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart in LA (retreats, conferences)
                        • 1978- Carmelites of Cristo Rey in San Francisco CA (retreats, consulting)

• 1981-1989 Bellarmine Hall in Barrington IL
                        • 1981-1983 EWTN in Birmingham AL (televise university seminars)
                        • 1983-1984 DeRance Foundation and Santa Fe Communications TV

                        • 1983- Missionaries of Charity (retreats, seminars)

• 1989-1993 Canisius House in Evanston IL

• 1993          St. John Vianney treatment center (1993)

• 1993-2003 Canisius House in Evanston IL

                        • 1994- Mission FIDES

• 2003-2005 Clark Street Residence in Chicago IL


EF (early 1960s)

Victor Bender (1966-68)
MS (1968)
John Doe 84 (1968-69) R


Individual G (late 1970s)

John Doe 117 (1988-94)
Victim 6 ( -1993) R

Victim C (1998-99)
Victim 8 (1999-2003)
John Doe 116 (1999-2003)
John Doe 118 (2001)



Articles and Other Information Relating to Rev. Donald J. McGuire, S.J.

- Biographical Data, from Mission FIDES Web site (12/31/99)

- Chicago Archdiocese: Guidelines to Protect Children: Alleged Victim Talks about Abuse, by Kevin Roy, ABC 7 (9/17/03)
- Loyola Abuse Victim Speaks, by Ken Goze, Wilmette Life (9/18/03)

- Jesuit Order Settles 3 Sex Assault Suits, in Chicago Tribune (10/22/05)

- 40 Years Later, Legal Twist Puts Priest on Trial, by Josh Noel, Chicago Tribune (2/17/06)
- Witness Testifies Loyola Teen Told Him Priest Touched Him, by M. Daniel Gibbard, Chicago Tribune (2/23/06)
- Priest Convicted of Sexual Abuse, by M. Daniel Gibbard, Chicago Tribune (2/24/06)
- Sex-Abuse Policies Toughened, by Michelle Martin, Catholic New World (3/5/06)
- Convicted Priest Turns in Passport, by Mike Heine, Janesville Gazette (3/7/06)
- Priest Sentenced for Sex Abuse, TMJ-TV4 (7/18/06)
- Priest Gets 7 Years for Abuse, by Courtney Flynn, Chicago Tribune (7/19/06)
- Priest May Face Prison, by Mike Heine, Janesville Gazette (7/19/06)
- Chicago Priest Jailed for Breaking Probation, by Chris Schultz, Janesville Gazette (9/30/06)
- Molester Priest Is Jailed Twice: Probation Violated, Authorities Say, by Andrew L. Wang and Deborah Horan, Chicago Tribune (10/3/06)
- Suit Alleges Jesuits Sat on Sex Abuse Information, CBS 2 (10/3/06)
- Judge: Convicted Abusive Priest Can Stay Mum during Appeals, by Andrew Wang, Chicago Tribune (10/10/06)

- Complaint: John Doe 116 v. Jesuits and McGuire (8/21/07)
- New Accusations against Priest Convicted of Sexual Abuse, by Libby Sander, Tuscaloosa News (8/22/07)
- Abuse Suit Names Priest, a Convicted Child Molester, by Susan Hogan, Chicago Sun-Times (8/22/07)
- Priest Faces Suit in Abuse Claims, by Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune (8/22/07)
- Convicted Priest Avoids Return to Jail, by Susan Hogan/Albach, Chicago Sun-Times (9/7/07)
- Complaint, Victor Bender, Brian Wolff, and Diane Ruhl v. Chicago Province of the Jesuits, Loyola University, and Loyola Academy (10/3/06)
- Complaint, John Doe 117 and John Doe 118 v. Chicago Province of the Jesuits and Fr. Donald J. McGuire, S.J. (10/23/07)
- More Accusations Emerge against Convicted Sex Offender Priest, by Bernie Tafoya and John Cody, WBBM (10/23/07)
- New Sex-Abuse Allegations against Convicted Priest, by Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune (10/24/07)
- 'He Did Horrid Things', by Susan Hogan, Chicago Sun-Times (10/24/07)
- Timeline of Donald McGuire, by Kerns, Pitrof & Pearlman, (10/26/07). See also a table of McGuire survivors, collated from this KP&P Timeline and other sources, with links to legal and Jesuit documents and articles.
- Jesuit Leader Is Sorry for Abuse, by Margaret Ramirez, Chicago Tribune (10/26/07)
- Jesuits 'Sorry' for Clergy Abuse, Critics Say It's All Talk, by Susan Hogan, Chicago Sun-Times (10/26/07)
- Papers: Jesuits Were Warned about Abusive Priest, by Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR (10/29/07)
- Decades-Old Letters Told of Concerns about Priest Abuse: Doubts Expressed about McGuire in 1969, by Maureen O'Donnell, Chicago Sun-Times (10/30/07)
- Community Notification Statement, by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix (10/30/07)
- Lack of Action in Jesuit Sexual Abuse Case Speaks Louder Than Words, by Eric Lombardi, Marquette Tribune (10/30/07)
- Criminal Complaint and Affidavit, by Jennifer Sapper, Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (11/1/07)
- Bishop Sought Help for Alleged Sex-Abuse Victim, by Dana Clark Felty, Savannah Morning News (11/1/07)
- Priest Jailed after Appeal Motion Denied, by Mike Heine, Janesville Gazette (11/1/07)
- Convicted Priest Jailed on Probation Violation, by Paul Meincke, ABC 7 (11/1/07)
- Chicago Catholic Priest Facing Federal Charge Alleging Sexual Abuse of Minor Boy, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (11/2/07)
- 'Most Dangerous Priest in America' Is Arrested, by Shamus Toomey, Chicago Sun-Times (11/2/07)
- Jesuit Priest Convicted of Abuse Is Jailed Again, by Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune (11/2/07)
- Jesuit Priest McGuire Now Faces Federal Charges, by Chris Hack, Chicago Southtown (11/2/07)
- Convicted Priest Now Facing Federal Charge, by Mike Heine, Walworth County Week (11/2/07)
- Prominent Jesuit Priest Charged with Molesting Boys, by Mike Robinson, Belleville News-Democrat (11/2/07)
- Jesuits Release Statement Regarding McGuire, by Rev. Edward Schmidt SJ, reprinted in Janesville Gazette (11/2/07)
- Feds Charge Chicago Priest with Abuse, by Manya Brachear and Jeff Coen, Chicago Tribune (11/2/07)
- Priest Called Serial Molester, by Manya A. Brachear and Jeff Coen, Chicago Tribune (11/3/07)
- Prominent Jesuit Is Target of New Federal Charges, by Laurie Goodstein and Susan Saulny, New York Times (11/3/07)
- Priest Denied Bond: Also Is Accused of Using Mission Credit Card for Porn Site, by Steve Warmbir, Chicago Sun-Times (11/3/07)
- Judge: Child-Molesting Priest to Go out on Bond, Chicago Sun-Times (11/6/07)
- Priest Gets Bail in Abuse Charges: Jesuit Given Home Confinement over Prosecutors' Pleas, by Jeff Coen, Chicago Tribune (11/6/07)
- Convicted Priest Kicked Out of Jesuits, by Jesse Garza, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/6/07)
- Priest Gets Bail in Abuse Charges: Jesuit Given Home Confinement over Prosecutors' Pleas, by Jeff Coen and Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune (11/7/07)
- Judge Allows Bond for Accused Priest: Convicted of Abusing Boys, He Faces New Charges, by Steve Warmbir, Chicago Sun-Times (11/7/07)
- When and What Did Archdiocese Know? Dad Says Complaints in '02 Told of Priest Sharing Bed with Son, 'Overwhelming' 2nd Teen with Sex Talk, by Susan Hogan, Chicago Sun-Times (11/11/07)
- Jesuit Faces Federal Sex Abuse Charges, National Catholic Reporter (11/16/07)
- Jesuit Priest Is Back in Oak Lawn Awaiting Trial, by Chuck Salvatore, Southwest News-Herald (11/14/07)
- Defiant Molester: 'I Will Always Be a Priest': Fights Chicago Jesuits' Efforts to Expel Him, by Susan Hogan/Albach, Chicago Sun-Times (11/15/07)
- Jesuit Faces Federal Sex Abuse Charges, National Catholic Reporter (11/15/07)
- How the Push for Religious Accommodation Can Go Too Far: Two Important Recent Examples, by Marci Hamilton, FindLaw (11/29/07)
- Accused Priest Allowed to Travel to Ohio for Heart Treatment, Chicago Tribune (12/12/07)


Legal Documents Relating to Rev. Donald J. McGuire, S.J.

- Complaint at Law, John Doe 84 v. Jesuits and McGuire (8/21/03)
- Amended Complaint at Law, Victor Bender v. Jesuits (3/23/04)
- Amended Complaint at Law, John Doe 84 v. Jesuits (4/26/04)
- Second Amended Complaint at Law, Victor Bender v. Jesuits (4/26/04)
- Complaint, John Doe 116 v. Jesuits and McGuire (8/21/07)
- Complaint, Victor Bender, Brian Wolff, and Diane Ruhl v. Chicago Province of the Jesuits, Loyola University, and Loyola Academy (10/3/06)
- Complaint, John Doe 117 and John Doe 118 v. Chicago Province of the Jesuits and Fr. Donald J. McGuire, S.J. (10/23/07)
- Criminal Complaint and Affidavit, by Jennifer Sapper, Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (11/1/07)


Jesuit Documents Relating to Rev. Donald McGuire, S.J.

In this section, we summarize and provide links to the 19 documents released by the Chicago law firm of Kerns, Pitrof & Pearlman on October 26, 2007. Interleaved with those documents are quotations from and descriptions of at least 9 Jesuit documents cited by federal investigator Jennifer Sapper in her Affidavit. We have also included descriptions of 2 documents referenced by Kerns, Pitrof & Pearlman in their Timeline. In total, at least 28 documents are linked, quoted, or described in this table.

Doc Description Victim Name Victim Number Date From To
1 Letter confirming Schlax's 11/28/69 call to Reinke. Schlax described a 11/28/69 visit from a distressed John Doe 84, who said he had been staying overnight in McGuire's Loyola Academy room and that McGuire was a "pervert." John Doe 84 4 11-29-69 Rev. Charles Schlax,
Pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes
Rev. John H. Reinke SJ,
President of Loyola Academy
2 Letter notifying McGuire that he won't be teaching in the second semester, "so that you can have the time free for your other responsibilities," such as scholarly work and family problems - "not the entire background of the arrangement, as I am sure you know." John Doe 84 4 01-08-70 Reinke McGuire
2A Letter taking McGuire's non-response to the previous letter as indicating approval; Reinke has asked Diehl "to confirm the situation." John Doe 84 4 01-16-70 Reinke McGuire
3 Letter telling McGuire that the sabbatical is not "a sabbatical in the usual sense." McGuire cannot continue living at Loyola Academy during the sabbatical nor return there afterward. The letter also mentions that Reinke first discussed this "change in your status" "at the beginning of the school year." John Doe 84 4 01-21-70 Thomas Diehl SJ
Vice Provincial
  "The restrictions [see below] ... stemmed from various complaints and allegations lodged by 'parents of young men since 1991.'" See Sapper Affidavit, para. 9.     1991 Parents  
  "The Jesuits instructed McGuire not to 'travel on any overnight trip with any boy or girl under the age of 18 and preferably even under the age of 21.'" See Sapper Affidavit, para. 8.     1991 "McGuire's superior" McGuire
  "The father of a 16-year-old boy writes to the Jesuits regarding McGuire's inappropriate relationship with their son. According to the father, McGuire required the boy to massage him, sleep in his room, and forced him to look at many pornographic images. The father also says that McGuire revealed things the boy told McGuire in the confession in violation of canon law. The father asks the Jesuits for a full investigation into McGuire's inappropriate behavior. (Victim 6)" See KP&P Timeline.   6 05-11-93 Victim's father Jesuits
  "Several letters are exchanged between the father of Victim 6 and the Jesuits regarding McGuire's inappropriate contact with the teenager." See KP&P Timeline.   6 07-93
Victim's father Jesuits
  "That instruction {see 1991 entry} was repeated, according to the {Jesuit} documents, in 1994." See Sapper Affidavit, para. 8.     1994   McGuire
  "'I am amplifying [McGuire's superior's] 1991 directive: please do not travel on any overnight trip with any person, male or female, under the age of 21. In addition, I ask that you exercise extreme caution to avoid any occasion that would find you alone, behind closed doors, with anyone under the age of 21." See Sapper Affidavit, para. 8.     1995 "McGuire's superior" McGuire
4 Letter acknowledging a 9/25/00 phone call from the parent of Victim 8 and a concern about "one of the members of our province." McGurn asks the parents to write "what transpired so that we may take care of this matter, whether such would entail appropriate therapy, transfer of assignment, or otherwise."   8 10-17-00 Rev. Richard H. McGurn SJ
Executive Assistant and Assistant for Formation of Chicago Province
Parent of Victim 8
5 Letter from the parents of Victim 7, who was McGuire's assistant 1998-99. The boy had told his parents in a phone call that he "couldn't take it anymore!" because McGuire was "overwhelming him with pornographic pictures and talking to him about sexual matters at every waking moment." Parents and son worry about another boy (Victim 8?), whose parents came to them "with concerns about their son." The phone call about pornography is also described in Sapper's Affidavit, para. 49, which quotes from McGuire's untruthful account of the same incident, para. 53. Victim C 7 10-25-00 Parents of Victim 7 McGurn
6 Letter providing the details that McGurn requested on 10/17/00 (see Doc 4). Victim 8 was McGuire's assistant beginning 8/99 (after Victim 7). McGuire controlled the boy's life, had him sleep in his bed, and was hostile when confronted by the parents.   8 10-27-00 Father of Victim 8 McGurn
7 Letter expressing concern that McGuire has been invited to give a vocations retreat in the Savannah diocese. The letter encloses info sent to the Jesuit provincial about improprieties with their son and another boy (Victim 7?), and asks that McGuire not be invited.   8 12-03-00 Parents of Victim 8 J. Kevin Boland
Bishop of Savannah
8 Letter asking why McGurn has not responded to their 10/27/00 letter (Doc 6) or their 11/00 phone call. Their son is "under the influence" of McGuire and "is not protecting himself from a dangerous situation." They assure McGurn that Victim 7's porn allegations are true.   8 01-05-01 Parents of Victim 8 McGurn
9 Letter replying to the 1/5/01 letter (Doc 8) from Victim 8's parents. "We do not feel at liberty to discuss in detail personal matters as they relate to Fr. McGuire, because of his right to privacy. But, we would hope that you would trust us to act appropriately." So too with the parents of Victim 7.   8 01-10-01 McGurn Parents of Victim 8
  "According to the {Jesuit} documents, McGuire's superior instructed him again, in February 2001, not to travel with or spend a night in the same room with anyone under 30." See Sapper Affidavit, para. 8.     02-01 "McGuire's superior" McGuire
  "'The goal has been to prevent him from enlisting young men as personal assistants on his travels to give retreats, under the guise of fostering their priestly vocations. These young men have been, at various times, both minors and young adults. His inappropriate behavior and poor judgment have resulted in 6 complaints that have come to us from parents since 1991. They allege various forms of sexually inappropriate actions with their sons, which, while not being allegations of genital contact, have involved behavior such as having a young man sleep in the same room with him, having a young man assist him in showering (at least to wash his feet for him), on one occasion buying underpants for a boy, talking incessantly about sex with them and, in at least one case, showing him pornography." See Sapper Affidavit, para. 9.   six
2002 Internal Jesuit memo  
  “As far as the incident involving a Playboy magazine, it surfaced when [Victim C] and I were packing for a mission trip at Canisius House and he brought it to me.... It was not clear where the magazine came from; I suspect it was a result of one of the rooms in Canisius House by some construction workers, but I did not pursue its source. What concerned me was whether or not [Victim C] had a problem in this area and whether he was being honest with me. In the ensuing weeks, not knowing whether this young man had a problem with such materials, I asked him to read the excellent pamphlet by Jerry Kelly, S.J., on Chastity. I had him also read Thomas Aquinas on sexual modesty. On a few occasions in spare moments I encouraged him to discuss these things with me. He was very reticent, and on a retreat in Minnesota he broke into tears and said he wanted to talk with his parents. I urged him to do so. He went to the phone and a half hour later returned smiling. He said, ‘They want me to listen to you. They said, “Trust Fr. McGuire.”’ That was the end of any conversation for the next eight months with respect to this subject.” “[Victim A] has never traveled with me alone.” Victim C 7 11-24-02 McGuire Jesuits
10 Letter stating that fundraising mailings from McGuire's Mission Fides speak of his "unfortunate leave of absence" and his "time of exile from my beloved priesthood." They asked McGurn what was happening, and were told that the provincial was removing McGuire from his retreat ministry and reassigning him. Mission FIDES need only stay open until 4/03. The parents ask "what is really happening with this Fr. McGuire," so that they can "persuade our son to disassociate himself" from McGuire.   8 12-07-02 Parents of Victim 8 Ralph Bonaccorsi
Archdiocese of Chicago, Executive Director, Office of Conciliation
11 Letter summarizing their communication with Bonaccorsi and his promise of help. Brannen is "our sole connection the the [Savannah] diocese concerning this issue." They worry that their son is "very actively involved with Fr. McGuire."   8 12-08-02 Parents of Victim 8 Rev. Brett A. Brannen
Pastor of St. Peter Claver, Macon GA
12 Letter saying the parents are "very concerned about any type of abuse our son may have received from Fr. McGuire" and ask Boland's help. The Jesuits "have not been forthcoming with information" to them or Bonaccorsi. They found an article in the 9/11/03 diocesan Southern Cross about McGuire "quite disturbing" and also read a 8/22/03 Chicago Tribune article about John Doe 84's suit alleging abuse in the late 1960s.   8 09-16-03 Parents of Victim 8 Bishop Boland
13 Letter expressing concern about McGuire on behalf of the parents of Victim 8, and also because McGuire gave at least three retreats to potential seminarians in the Savannah diocese.   8 09-24-03 Boland Very Rev. Richard J. Bauman SJ
Provincial of Chicago Province
14 Note about a call from Rev. Edward Schmidt SJ, who "apologized for the treatment we have received from the Jesuits." Because of the parents of Victim 8, he said, Rev. Richard J. Bauman SJ (the Chicago provincial) had "called the Archdiocese to have Fr. McGuire's faculties taken away."   8 10-01-03 Parents of Victim 8  
15 Letter thanking Bishop Boland for his support and summarizing a 10/1/03 call from Rev. Edward Schmidt SJ, which is also summarized in Doc 14. The parents intend to seek help from the Jesuits for their son.   8 10-13-03 Parents of Victim 8 Boland
16 Letter summarizing the exchange with Schmidt (see Doc 14) and a conversation with Rev. James P. Gschwend SJ about their son, whom McGuire had gotten involved with Alleluia Community. News articles were enclosed with the letters.   8 10-16-03 Parents of Victim 8 Parents of other boys who had worked for McGuire
17 Letter recanting a 7/18/06 letter in which the father asserted McGuire's innocence to the judge at sentencing. This second letter describes how the father learned that McGuire had sexually abused his two sons during retreats in arranged . The elder boy, John Doe 117, was abused 1988-1994, beginning about age 9. His brother, John Doe 118, was abused 2001-2002, beginning at age 13. John Doe 117 and
John Doe 118
  10-08-07 Father of John Does 117 and 118 Judge James L. Carlson
18 Letter correcting several details of Doc 17. John Doe 117 and
John Doe 118
  10-18-07 Father of John Does 117 and 118 Judge James L. Carlson


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