Notes and Sources

This remarkable collection of assignment records and lists of lawsuits was compiled by the Los Angeles Times and released in database form on April 20, 2006. We urge our readers to explore the original LA Times database and consult it for up-to-date information on accused LA priests. We present the LA Times assignment information here in static files, for safekeeping and for ease of searching and linking.

When the LA Times released its database, the newspaper also printed an important analysis of abuse information previously released by Cardinal Mahony: Details on 11 Priests Missing in '04 Report: Mahony's Disclosure on Sex Abuse Claims Left out Information on Clerics Who Stayed in Ministry, by Jean Guccione and William Lobdell, Los Angeles Times (4/20/06). The LA Times article compared Mahony's Report to the People of God (2/17/04) with his Addendum (10/12/05) containing selective descriptions of accused priests' personnel files. The archdiocese's law firm issued a comment on the 4/20/06 LA Times article. When the Addendum first appeared, the LA Times had printed an initial assessment: Archdiocese Says It Didn't Shield Kids from Priests, by Jean Guccione and Nita Lelyveld, Los Angeles Times (10/12/05).

For comments on Mahony's release of the file summaries in his Addendum, see Records' Release Is Criticized: Critics Dismiss As a PR Ploy the Disclosure by the L.A. Archdiocese of Documents on Priests, by Jean Guccione and Sandy Banks, Los Angeles Times (10/13/05); and L.A. Confidentiality: No New Info on an Accused Former Priest, by Rick Anderson, Seattle Weekly (10/19/05).

BishopAccountability plans to download the LA Times information on parishes where accused priests worked, and we will link that data with the priest assignment data presented here. Again, we are downloading the database for safekeeping and for ease of searching and linking. We urge our readers to consult the original LA Times database. No U.S. newspaper has presented assignments and accusations as effectively for a major archdiocese.

Note: When the LA Times posted its database of accused priests, it included the following disclaimer:

Please note that our static posting of content from the LA Times database does not incorporate corrections that the LA Times might make in their database. Neither the LA Times nor can be held responsible for errors in the data posted here. We are preserving a record of the LA Times's important first posting of their database as a historical record. Note also that assignment records are a work in progress, bedeviled by inaccuracies in the Official Catholic Directory and many other difficulties. Please let us know if you notice inaccuracies in this data. plans to collate the LA Times database, the Addendum summaries, the Orange documents, and other sources, in order to develop more detailed career histories of the accused LA priests.


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