Goedert Deposition Exhibits: Detailed List

Exhibit Depo
Description From To Date Bates Accused
Ex. 1 p. 79 Assignments of Goedert Geoly Anderson        
Ex. 4 p. 123 Resignation from position of officialis for "health" reasons and best interests of archdiocese Becker Bernardin 1986-10-23 CB1 00154 Becker Address of Becker on sick leave has apparently been redacted
Ex. 5 p. 106 Handwritten memo describing 11/11/86 meeting with Goedert about Mayer Mom Doe 2 File 1986-11-15 No Mayer  
Ex. 6 p. 127 Vicar for Priests summary of Ruge status and assignments and chronology of allegations Ventura File 1994-07 CB(RU) 00005 ff. Ruge  
Ex. 7 p. 139 Letter providing, in response to a request, basic information on Fitzharris's ordination, conviction, and removal Lago Arbour 2004-09-30 No Fitzharris  
Ex. 8 p. 145 Memo providing notes on chronological order on archdiocesan investigation of allegations of abuse of a boy during restricted assignment and decision to allow Mayer to remain Ventura File 1987-06-30 CB3/MAY 00739 ff. Mayer  
Ex. 9 p. 150 Memo during Goedert's transition to Vicar for Priests about Ruge's restricted ministry at Divine Savior and outing with altar boys and adults who had apparently not been informed about Ruge's restrictions Ventura Goedert 1987-06-19 CB(RU) 00087 Ruge  
Ex. 10 p. 154 Memo stating that Ventura investigated report of Mayer's contact with teenager and found no corroboration, but nevertheless restricted Mayer to contacts with persons age 21 or older, and decided to move him elsewhere at the end of his current assignment; also signed by Goedert and pastor; cf. Ex 8, pp. 3-4 Ventura File 1987-06-02 CB3/MAY 00704 Mayer  
Ex. 12 p. 165 Letter summarizing 3/2/88 meeting that restricted Mayer to contact with persons age 18 and older (not age 21 or older, see Ex. 10, para. 2) and stating that the age restriction and separation of Mayer's new parish from his former parishes is not because of "our concern that something inappropriate might happen" but "to minimize the risk of unfriendly people reactivating the same old charges" Goedert Mayer 1988-03-21 CB3/MAY 00614 ff. Mayer  
Ex. 13 p. 166 Memo summarizing the same 3/2/88 meeting on parish separation and restricting Mayer to contacts with persons age 18 and older (see Ex. 12) Goedert File 1988-03-02 CB3/MAY 00970 Mayer  
Ex. 15 p. 167 Summary of Hagan's assignments and social worker report of allegedly explicit sex instruction and Hagan's taking children on his lap during confession; chronology of States Attorney and DCFS investigation with finding of "no case" and unfounded" respectively Vicar for Priests Office File 1996-04-22 HAG-CB3-00526 Hagan  
Ex. 16 p. 168 Heavily redacted memo stating that some parents were concerned that Hagan was accused of fondling children; in depo Goedert says he dealt with the alleged abuse of a girl by Hagan and that the parish in question is St. Gertrude's (Hagan was transferred from St. Gertrude's to St. Denis during 1988) Goedert File 1988-05-20 HAG-CB3-00550 Hagan  
Ex. 17 p. 167 Memo summarizing discussions regarding Mayer's assignment to a new parish Goedert File 1988-05-04 CB3/MAY 00974 Mayer  
Ex. 18 p. 169 Memo outlining the "positive" aspect of Mayer's transfer to St. Dionysius ("another chance to prove himself") and the negative (a lay person who worked at the parish has a criminal sex abuse case pending against him); the current DRE was at the time of the arrest the principal of the school, now closed Goedert File 1988-11-11 CB3/MAY 01018 Mayer  
Ex. 19 p. 170 Recommendation letter supporting Mayer's appointment as pastor of St. Odilo's; Mayer did a "noble job" at St. Mary's in Des Plaines; Jakubowski, Goedert, Dean Andrew McDonough, and Rev. Daniel Coughlin agreed Mayer was "the ideal priest" for St. Dionysius; "there may have been stories" about Mayer, but he helped us, and now we can help him Jakubowski

Personnel Board

1990-06-19 CB3/MAY 00716 ff. Mayer Most Rev. Thad J. (Jake) Jakubowski was at the time one of seven Vicars General and was also Episcopal Vicar of Vicariate IV comprising Deaneries 8 and 9.
Ex. 20 p. 172 Memo describing Goedert's call to the DRE at St. Dionysius, Mayer's new parish, "to put her at ease in the event she should hear anything at all about Bob in connection with children"; Mayer is living at St. Mary of Chestowich while the pastor at St. Dionysius finishes packing; Mayer plans to turn the convent into a parish center and move the nuns to the rectory Goedert File 1988-12-03 CB3/MAY 01021 Mayer The DRE at St. Dionysius had been principal at the parish school when a lay person was arrested for sexual abuse. See Ex. 18.
Ex. 22 p. 176 Letter granting Maday a sabbatical 9/1/88 through 2/1/89; the reason for the sabbatical is not stated, nor is its location Bernardin Maday 1988-07-08 CB7/MAD 00026 Maday  
Ex. 23 p. 177 Memo stating that in 2/88 McCaffrey was stopped by 2 policeman because 2 12-year-old boys claimed McCaffrey had offered them $20 to enter his car and perform sex acts; news of this apparently reached 2 parishioners at St. Josephat a year later; Goedert thinks McCaffrey should be moved, in case others less discrete also hear about his "past history," and transfers him to Our Lady of Good Counsel Goedert File 1989-03-30

McCaffrey 541 ff.

Also labeled Exhibit 3

McCaffrey This memo is heavily redacted in three tiers. Of its at least 24 numbered paragraphs, two-thirds of the paragraphs (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, part of 18, and 22) have been whited out. Then 14 words or phrases have been blacked out in marker and/or electronically, and more than three lines have been electronically blacked out at the beginning of paragraph 10, which discusses the police officers. The "Dom" mentioned in the memo is Rev. Dominic J. Grassi, pastor of St. Josephat in Chicago, where McCaffrey was the other priest.
Ex. 25 p. 184 Handwritten letter lamenting the closing of Quigly Prep Seminary South (whose final graduation Craig attended in May 1990), complimenting Bernardin on a public letter that he'd written, thanking him for Stritch Retreat House, and saying that he's "comfortable in putting my life in your hands" Craig Bernardin 1990-05 CRA-CB6-00046 Craig A note on the letter indicates that Bernardin sent a personal response on 5/30/90. At the time Craig wrote this letter, he was in residence at St. Mark's in Chicago, and in 1989 the archdiocese had already settled one complaint of abuse; later in 1990, Bernardin would remove Craig over another allegation. Craig says that Rev. Robert E. Ferrigan will be missed as director of Stritch; Ferrigan disappears from the 1991 Directory, then reappears in the 1992 Directory as pastor of Sacred Heart in Winnetka.
Ex. 27 p. 186 Memo outlining 3 risks of granting Mayer's application to be pastor of St. Odilo's: allegations of "inappropriate sexual behavior toward minors", the recording of Mayer's history in the book "Assault on Innocence" and a rumored movie version, and the activism and legal training of the book's author; but Bishop Jakubowski "strongly supports" Mayer's application (see Ex. 19), and "we cannot let [Mayer] dangle indefinitely" Goedert Bernardin 1990-06-23 CB3/MAY 01038 ff. Mayer Eight lines of the paragraph on the original allegations against Mayer have been redacted. Also redacted is the real name of the author of the book Assault on Innocence.
Ex. 28 p. 188 Memo stating that a father called the St. Jude's rectory in South Holland to accuse Maday of molesting his son in 1988, when Maday was at Our Lady of the Ridge; said he was going to the police; McDonagh suggested that pastor contact police and tell Maday about the allegation, and noted that Maday took children on outings and had them in his room McDonagh File 1990-07-16 CB3/MAD 01462 Maday Rev. Andrew J. McDonagh was Assistant Vicar for Priests under Goedert
Ex. 29 p. 189 Memo stating that Auxiliary Bishop John R. Gorman had advised Bernardin to delay Mayer's appointment to St. Odilo's until after Mayer's 9/90 deposition, so that Mayer is not a target if "things erupt" Goedert File 1990-08-25 CB3/MAY 0844 Mayer  
Ex. 30 p. 189 Memo stating that Rev. Edward J. Maloney, Craig's pastor at St. Mark's, called Goedert to say that a mother had visited Maloney to report Craig's abuse of her son; Goedert talked to the Opus Dei priest, the woman's confessor, who urged her to contact Maloney; Craig "spends an awful lot of time with kids and has them "on the second floor"; Goedert want to meet the son before confronting Craig Goedert File 1990-09-13 CRA-CB3-00383 Craig Two-thirds of the paragraph about the abuse is redacted. The "Larry" mentioned in this memo is Rev. Lawrence J. Craig, brother of Rev. Robert D. Craig
Ex. 31 p. 190 Memo documenting Goedert's conversation with Rev. Daniel Sullivan, explaining "everything" to him and assigning him to be Craig's "on-site supervisor"; Goedert will allow Craig to concelebrate the Jubilee Mass, so as not to cause Craig's mother "wonderment", but otherwise he has been asked to "refrain from all public ministry"; in the deposition, Goedert states that when confronted about ther mother's allegation (see Ex. 30), Craig "indicated that there were others" Goedert File 1990-10-12 CRA-CB3-00361 Craig At the time, there were two priests named Dan Sullivan: Rev. Daniel J. Sullivan '53, pastor at St. Gerard Majella in Markham, a parish without a school; and Rev. Daniel F. Sullivan '57, assistant at St. Gilbert's in Grayslake, a parish with a school. It seems likely that Daniel J. is the supervisor; does this mean that Craig had been transferred in residence to St. Gerard Majella? The Directory does not index him there or anywhere else.
Ex. 32 p. 132 Memo describing phone call from McCaffrey's pastor/monitor, Rev. Marty O'Donovan, describing continued associations and overnights with boys     1991-02-08 McCaffrey 545 ff. McCaffrey  
Ex. 33 p. 193 Memo describing Goedert's meeting with a man alleging abuse by Mayer. Almost entirely redacted. Goedert File 1991-05-30 CB3/MAY 00815 ff. Mayer This entire 3-page memo has been redacted, except for one sentence and portions of 3 other sentences.
Ex. 34 p. 195 Memo describing a meeting with a priest apparently alleging that Ruge molested him as a boy; the abuse entailed nude swimming at Fenwick HS with Ruge and other priests and boys, and altar boy trips to Ruge's trailer in Woodhaven Lakes near Kankakee; the priest assumes that there were other victims, since the "kids joked about it all the time" Goedert File 1991-06-03 CB(RU) 00231 ff. Ruge Almost this entire memo has been redacted. The deposition at p. 195 quotes some of the redacted exhibit text.
Ex. 35 p. 196 Memo documenting a conversation with Rev. Kenneth J. Velo in which Goedert asked Velo to make sure that the Personnel Board did not consider Ruge for a pastorate until Goedert got back to them; this conversation occurred one day after the talk with the priest who alleged abuse by Ruge Goedert File 1991-06-04 CB(RU) 00085 Ruge At the time of this memo, Ruge was assistant at Divine Savior in Norridge.
Ex. 36 p. 196 Memo documenting Goedert's conversation with Mulvihill about Mayer's associations with boys at St. Odilo's in Berwyn - "kids are all over the place" Goedert File 1991-06-10 CB3/MAY 00863 ff. Mayer Rev. David J. Mulvihill was a judge in the archdiocesan tribunal and was in residence at St. Odilo, where Mayer was pastor.
Ex. 38 p. 198 Draft statement in which Bernardin demands Mayer's resignation from St. Odilo's and revokes his faculties because Mayer violated a 6/2/87 promise not to associate with persons under age 21; return to ministry is still a possibility Goedert and Bernardin Mayer 1991-07-01 CB3/MAY 00687 Mayer  
Ex. 39 p. 200 Memo providing an agenda and recommendations for Bernardin's 7/1/91 meeting to remove Mayer's faculties and obtain his resignation, in part by offering to announce that he is resigning for personal reasons Goedert Bernardin 1991-06-24 CB3/MAY 00820 Mayer  
Ex. 40 p. 201 Memo describing the meeting to obtain Mayer's resignation and the arrangements afterward, including Barnardin's commitment to protect Mayer's reputation Goedert File 1991-07-01 CB3/MAY 00689 Mayer  
Ex. 41 p. 203 Letter stating that Mayer has "accomplished much for the welfare of your parish.... Because of personal reasons, however, he has asked tme to accept his resignation effective immediately so that he may go on sabbatical." Bernardin Parishioners of St. Odilo 1991-07-02 CB3/MAY 00686 Mayer  
Ex. 43 p. 212 Minutes of meeting of Goedert, McDonagh, Bishops Gorman and Jabukowski et al, with parish leadership POM File 1991-10-23 CB3/MAY 00608 Mayer  
Ex. 45 p. 218 Archdiocesan agenda for meeting with leadership of Divine Savior parish in Norridge to inform them that Bernardin has removed Ruge for allegations of sexual abuse; the current pastor, Rev. Stephen J. Tebes, is said not to have been informed of Ruge's "previous history"     1991-11-15 CB(RU) 00079 Ruge It appears from the Directory that Tebes had become pastor in June 1990. The previous pastor, Rev. William A. Schackmuth, stayed on as pastor emeritus, and held that position at the time of this meeting. Schackmuth was already pastor when Ruge arrived at Divine Savior,
Ex. 52 pp. 222-233 Draft of a letter for Bernardin to send to Maday, annotated "OK for typing"; Bernardin explains that he is submitting an allegation vs. Maday to the Commission, but wants to see Maday's service continue O'Malley Bernardin 1992-01-07 CB3/MAD 01459 Maday Rev. Patrick O'Malley is Vicar for Priests. This exhibit was discussed in a portion of the deposition that was redacted in its entirety, pp. 222-233.
Ex. 55 pp. 222-233 Letter confirming that the archdiocese will not allow a letter by Maday to be published, and that Maday should not go unaccompanied to a certain Health Club; O'Malley is concerned that publicity "might trigger someone else, out of anger or whatever, to come forward to bring an accusation" O'Malley Maday 1992-04-08 CB3/MAD 01439 Maday This exhibit was discussed in a portion of the deposition that was redacted in its entirety, pp. 222-233.
Ex. 60 pp. 222-233 Letter informing Maday that Bernardin has reviewed Maday's request that the prohibition vs. his wearing clerical garb be lifted; Bernardin apparently granted Maday's request Paprocki Maday 1992-11-25 CB3/MAD 00870 Maday This letter references by paragraph number the 7/1/92 "Precept Imposing Restrictions," but the text of that Precept is not included here. Rev. Thomas J. Paprocki was the Chancellor. This Paprocki letter was discussed in a portion of the deposition that was redacted in its entirety, pp. 222-233.
Ex. 70 pp. 222-233 Memo describing O'Malley's visit to Maday in prison and their conversation; Maday is reluctant to get treatment at the prison because "he has some concern about generating information while he is awaiting his appeal"; Maday writes to Bernardin several times a week, but Bernardin cannot answer every letter O'Malley Bernardin 1995-03-05 CB3/MAD 01129 Maday This exhibit was discussed in a portion of the deposition that was redacted in its entirety, pp. 222-233.
Ex. 71 pp. 222-233 Memo detailing the 1988 allegations against Hagan and intimidation by the pastor, and asking why he was transferred in 1988 to St. Denis, where he was promoted to pastor; the memo was prompted by news reports on 4/25/96 that Hagan had been suspended for multiple allegations of abuse of boys at St. Richard's in 1981-86 Mother of a boy alleging abuse at St. Gertrude's Bonaccorsi 1996-04-25 HAG-CB-00013 Hagan The addressee, Mr. Ralph Bonaccorsi, was Executive Director of the Office of Conciliation. According to the Directory, the pastor discussed in this letter was Rev. William G. Kenneally. This exhibit was discussed in a portion of the deposition that was redacted in its entirety, pp. 222-233.
Ex. 77 pp. 222-233 Memo confirming that in 6/96 "Bernardin did say that he would not seek the penalty of dismissal from the clerical state" for Maday Lagges McCluskey 2004-10-28 CB5/MAD 00810 Maday Rev. Patrick R. Lagges was the Judicial Vicar, the archdiocese's senior canon lawyer. Ms. Leah McCluskey was Administrator at the Office of Professional Responsibility. This exhibit was discussed in a portion of the deposition that was redacted in its entirety, pp. 222-233.
Ex. 80 p. 191 Memo suggesting that Craig's lawyer and the archdiocese's lawyer, James Serritella, resolve a disagreement about a list of names and addresses that Goedert had asked Craig to provide; Craig and his lawyer appear to be concerned about "further incrimination", but the archdiocese has a responsibility to provide counseling to victims Goedert Craig 1990-10-16 CRA-CB3-00358 Craig  
Ex. 85 p. 235 Declaration that Mayer cannot function or present himself as a priest, and "that the Archdiocese is not to be held liable for any scandal or harm to souls for which he has been or is responsible" George and Goedert   2005-05-28 MAY-CB6-00001 Mayer  
Ex. 100 p. 10 Archdiocesan Priests with Substantiated Allegations of Sexual Misconduct with Minors George   2007-11-13      
Ex. 100A p. 240 Archdiocesan Priests with Substantiated Allegations of Sexual Misconduct with Minors, marked to indicate the priests whom Goedert remembers he knew as accused during his tenure as Vicar for Priests in 1987-1991 George and Goedert   2007-11-13     Of the 62 priests on the list, Goedert marked 25 as known by him to be accused: Bartz, Becker, Bogdan, Braun, Buck, Cloutier, Craig, Curran, DeRoeck, Fitzharris, Flosi, Hagan, Hogan, Holihan, Kissane, Maday, Mayer, McCaffrey, McDonald, Ray, Romano, Ruge, Snieg, Stewart, and Swade


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