Geoghan Documents

Description From To Date Bates From To
Letter on concerns about Geoghan's "immaturity" in seminary: he is "a little feminine" Msgr. John J. Murray Msgr. Thomas J. Riley 1954-07-31 Riley Ex. 13    
Letter on option to request change of assignment Personnel Board Fr. John J. Geoghan 1974-01-26 Geoghan-II 01997  
Letter appointing Geoghan to St. Andrew Cardinal Humberto Medeiros Geoghan 1974-05-30 Geoghan-II 01996  
Letter confirming St. Andrew job (Geoghan-II-01996) Geoghan Fr. Joseph P. Smyth 1974-06-14 Geoghan-II 01995  
Letter asking to be added to Team Ministry list Geoghan Fr. Gilbert S. Phinn 1975-06-13 Geoghan-II 01993  
Letter replying to Geoghan-II-01993 on Team Ministry Fr. Phinn Geoghan 1975-06-23 Geoghan-II 01994  
Letter listing Geoghan on Team Ministry list Fr. Smyth Geoghan 1976-04-08 Geoghan-II 01992  
Pastor's letter denigrating a Geoghan accuser Fr. Francis H. Delaney Bishop Daily 1979-08-17      
Approving reply to Delaney's 1979-08-17 letter Bishop Daily Fr. Delaney 1979-08-23      
Report on Fr. John Thomas & Geoghan's admissions Bishop Daily File 1980-02-09 Delaney Ex. 142  
Letter ending St. Andrew & starting sick leave Bishop Daily Geoghan 1980-02-12 Geoghan-II 06707  
Letter confirming termination of St. Andrew job Geoghan Phinn 1980-02-13 Geoghan-II 01990  
Letter enclosing a check for sick leave Bishop Daily Geoghan 1980-02-21 Geoghan-II 01988  
Letter summarizing treatment with Brennan & Mullins Geoghan Bishop Daily 1980-04-04 Geoghan-II 06705 06706
Letter replying to Geoghan-II-06705-06706 Bishop Daily Geoghan 1980-04-16 Geoghan-II 06704  
Letter requesting notification on sick leave extension Fr. Phinn Geoghan 1980-08-29 Geoghan-II 01989  
Letter requesting an extension of sick leave Geoghan Fr. Phinn 1980-09-13 Geoghan-II 01986 01987
Letter acknowledging Geoghan-II-01986-01987 Fr. Phinn Geoghan 1980-09-17 Geoghan-II 01985  
Letter: doctor must recommend sick leave extension Fr. Thomas F. Oates Geoghan 1980-10-01 Geoghan-II 01984  
Letter supporting an extension of leave of absence Dr. John H. Brennan Fr. Phinn 1980-10-09 Geoghan-II 06709  
Letter answering Geoghan-II-06709 on restoration Fr. Phinn Dr. Brennan 1980-10-23 Geoghan-II 06708  
Letter extending Geoghan's sick leave Cardinal Medeiros Geoghan 1980-10-28 Geoghan-II 01979  
Letter replying to Geoghan-II-01979 Geoghan Cardinal Medeiros 1980-11-02 Geoghan-II 01980 01981
Letter: doctor & Geoghan agree he's ready to resume Dr. Brennan Bishop Daily 1981-01-13 Geoghan-II 06711  
Letter on assigning Geoghan soon (Geoghan-II-06711) Bishop Daily Dr. Brennan 1981-01-26 Geoghan-II 06710  
Letter appointing Geoghan to St. Brendan Cardinal Medeiros Geoghan 1981-02-13 Geoghan-II 01976  
Letter confirming appointment to St. Brendan Geoghan Fr. Phinn 1981-02-22 Geoghan-II 01973  
Letter about "heaven-sent" St. Brendan and doctors Geoghan Bishop Daily 1981-03-21 Geoghan-II 01975  
Letter acknowledging Geoghan-II-01975 Bishop Daily Geoghan 1981-03-31 Geoghan-II 01974  
Letter confirming that Geoghan has written Medeiros Geoghan Bishop Daily 1982-12-05 Geoghan-II 01970  
Letter answering Geoghan-II-01970 Bishop Daily Geoghan 1982-12-27 Geoghan-II 01969  
Notes on meeting with two victimized families Bishop Daily File 1982-07-24 Plaintiff Ex. 19  
Follow-up letter (see 1982-07-24 notes) Margaret Gallant Cardinal Medeiros 1982-08-10      
Reply to 1982-08-10 letter: love the sinner Cardinal Medeiros Margaret Gallant 1982-08-20 Plaintiff Ex. 17  
Letter on financial support for Rome trip Cardinal Medeiros Geoghan 1982-08-26 Geoghan-II 01972  
Note on arrangements for Rome visit   File 1982-? Geoghan-II 01971  
Letter reporting that Geoghan is again with boys Relative of victims Archbishop Bernard Law 1984-09-06 Dussourd Ex. 168  
Letter asking Geoghan to see Medeiros after Rome visit Bishop Daily Geoghan 1982-09-09 Geoghan-II 01924  
Letter asking Geoghan to see Medeiros (duplicate) Bishop Daily Geoghan 1982-09-09 Geoghan-II 01925  
Letter asking Geoghan to see Medeiros (duplicate) Bishop Daily Geoghan 1982-09-09 Geoghan-II 01926  
Notes on Geoghan "with children" & Medeiros note Fr. Robert J. Banks File 1984-09-17 Geoghan-II 07224 07225
Letter removing Geoghan from St. Brendan Archbishop Law Geoghan 1984-09-18 Geoghan-II 01966  
Letter confirming Geoghan-II-01966 & reassignment Geoghan Fr. Oates 1984-09-27 Geoghan-II 01967  
Phone message promising Geoghan-II-01964 Geoghan Fr. Oates 1984-10-18 Geoghan-II 01965  
Letter saying Geoghan can work without restrictions Dr. Robert W. Mullins Fr. Oates 1984-10-20 Geoghan-II 01964  
Letter appointing Geoghan to St. Julia Archbishop Law Geoghan 1984-10-31 Geoghan-II 01961  
Letter thanking Mullins for Geoghan-II-01964 Fr. Oates Dr. Mullins 1984-11-05 Geoghan-II 01963  
Note acknowledging Geoghan-II-01961 Fr. Oates Geoghan 1984-11-06 Geoghan-II 01962  
Letter warning about St. Julia & Geoghan's history Bishop John M. D'Arcy Archbishop Law 1984-12-07 Geoghan-II 06948 06949
Letter stating no psychiatric reasons to restrict work Brennan Fr. Banks 1984-12-14 Geoghan-II 06702  
Notes on doctor's advice: "clip his wings" Bishop Banks File 1989-04-28 Geoghan-II 06712  
Forwarding mail during time at St. Luke & Institute Jena Pascale Judy Devitt 1989-05-24 Geoghan-II 01958  
Letter confirming Geoghan-II-01960 on sick leave Geoghan Fr. James J. McCarthy 1989-05-28 Geoghan-II 01959  
Letter putting Geoghan on sick leave from St. Julia Cardinal Law Geoghan 1989-05-23 Geoghan-II 01960  
Note: St. Luke & Institute secret (Geoghan-II-01958) Fr. McCarthy Geoghan 1989-10-16 Geoghan-II 01957  
Letter of reassignment to St. Julia Cardinal Law Geoghan 1989-11-13 Geoghan-II 01954  
Letter confirming Geoghan-II-01954 Geoghan Fr. McCarthy 1989-11-18 Geoghan-II 01955  
Thank you letter in reply to Geoghan-II-01954 Geoghan Cardinal Law 1989-11-18 Geoghan-II 01956  
Letter on disparity between Institute of Living reports Bishop Banks Dr. Vincent J. Stephens 1989-11-30 Banks Ex. 44  
Letter replying to Bank's 1989-11-30 letter Dr. Robert F. Swords Bishop Banks 1989-12-13 Banks Ex. 45  
Letter requesting promotion to pastor of St. Julia Geoghan Cardinal Law 1990-06-29 Geoghan-II 01950  
Letter replying to Geoghan-II-01950 Cardinal Law Geoghan 1990-08-13 Geoghan-II 01949  
Letter stating no psychiatric reasons to restrict work Dr. John H. Brennan Bishop Banks 1990-12-07 Geoghan-II 06703  
Letter requesting promotion, with Law-McCarthy note Geoghan Cardinal Law 1992-03-06 Geoghan-II 01944  
Envelope of Geoghan-II-01944, personal & confidential Geoghan Fr. McCarthy 1992-03-06 Geoghan-II 01946  
Note enclosing Geoghan-II-01948 Geoghan Fr. McCarthy 1992-03-06 Geoghan-II 01947  
Letter lobbying & enclosing Geoghan-II-01948 Geoghan Fr. Kevin J. Deeley 1992-03-06 Geoghan-II 01952  
Undated copy of Geoghan-II-01944, enclosed w 01947 Geoghan Cardinal Law 1992-03-06 Geoghan-II 01948  
Letter acknowledging Geoghan-II-01947 Fr.McCarthy Geoghan 1992-03-14 Geoghan-II 01945  
Letter acknowledging Geoghan-II-01947 (duplicate) Fr. McCarthy Geoghan 1992-03-14 Geoghan-II 01951  
Letter on Geoghan's interest in St. Julia pastor position Cardinal Law Geoghan 1992-03-30 Geoghan-II 01943  
Letter telling Geoghan he isn't new St. Julia pastor Fr. Deeley Geoghan 1992-05-19 Geoghan-II 01942  
Note on telling Geoghan that he didn't get pastorate Fr. Deeley File 1992-05-20 Geoghan-II 01941  
Memo on call communicating Saugus allegations Fr. Frederick J. Ryan Fr. John B. McCormack 1992-07-05 Geoghan-II 07367 07368
Memo on Associate Director & funding the salary Fr. McCormack Bishop Alfred C. Hughes 1993-01-04 Geoghan-II 07372  
Memo on assignment, attaching Geoghan-II-07372 Fr. McCormack Fr. McCarthy 1993-01-04 Geoghan-II 07371  
Letter ending St. Julia & starting Associate Director Cardinal Law Geoghan 1993-01-06 Geoghan-II 07370  
Mail forwarding for status change (Geoghan-II-01939) Jena Pascale Judy Devitt 1993-01-06 Geoghan-II 01940  
Note acknowledging Law's ending of St. Julia post Geoghan Fr. McCarthy 1993-01-09 Geoghan-II 01939  
Notes on Regina Cleri arrangements Fr. McCormack File 1993-02-10 Geoghan-II 07369  
Address change Jena Pascale Msgr. Lennon 1993-02-26 Geoghan-II 01937  
Letter communicating allegations from 1970s St. Julia parishioner Cardinal Law 1994-01-19 Geoghan-II 07400  
Cover memo for Geoghan-II-07400 w JBM note Fr. Paul B. McInerny Fr. McCormack 1994-02-04 Geoghan-II 07399  
Letter on death of Geoghan's mother Fr. McCarthy Geoghan 1994-07-12 Geoghan-II 01936  
Chronology of allegations Fr. Brian M. Flatley File 1994-08-22 Flatley Ex. 98  
Letter on new allegations & administrative leave Cardinal Law Geoghan 1994-12-30 Geoghan-II 07398  
Letter on allegations & shift to administrative leave Cardinal Law Geoghan 1994-12-30 Geoghan-II 01933  
Confirmation that Geoghan got Geoghan-II-01933 Geoghan Fr. McCarthy 1995-01-05 Geoghan-II 01934  
Letter removing Geoghan from associate directorship Cardinal Law Geoghan 1996-01-23 Geoghan-II 01935  
Summary of allegations Fr. Flatley File 1996-07-11 Law Ex. 40  
Memo: address & monthly stipend via direct deposit Fr. Flatley Fr. McCarthy 1996-07-25 Geoghan-II 01932  
Address change Jena Pascale Msgr. Lennon 1996-07-25 Geoghan-II 01931  
Memo about Geoghan's address & sick leave Jena Pascale Msgr. Lennon 1996-07-31 Geoghan-II 01929  
Letter changing administrative leave to sick leave Cardinal Law Geoghan 1996-08-04 Geoghan-II 01927  
Confirmation that Geoghan got Geoghan-II-01927 Geoghan Cardinal Law 1996-08-08 Geoghan-II 01928  
Letter requesting senior priest/retirement status Geoghan Cardinal Law 1996-10-19 Geoghan-II 01923  
Letter about senior priest/retirement status & "illness" Cardinal Law Geoghan 1996-12-12 Geoghan-II 01921  
Letter granting senior priest/retirement status Cardinal Law Geoghan 1996-12-12      
Confirmation that Geoghan got Geoghan-II-01921 Geoghan Fr. McCarthy 1996-12-20 Geoghan-II 01922  
Memo confirms Geoghan's dismissal from priesthood Msgr. Lennon Fr. McCarthy 1998-05-08 Geoghan-II 01919  
Memo confirms Geoghan's dismissal from priesthood Msgr. Lennon Fr. McCarthy 1998-05-08      
Deposition excerpts Cardinal Law   2002-10-16      
Lennon Exhibit 3: Geoghan Dates & Facts       Geoghan-II 00059 00060
Lennon Exhibit 4: Dates of Birth of priests involved       Geoghan-II 00061  


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