Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders

Archdiocese of Milwaukee
March 3, 2012

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The following diocesan priests of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee have been (or would be if they were still alive) restricted from all priestly ministries due to substantiated reports of sexual abuse of a minor:

Raymond A. Adamsky, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry
James L. Arimond, Laicized
Ronald J. Bandle, Deceased
James W. Beck, Left Priestly Ministry
Franklyn W. Becker, Laicized
Michael C. Benham, Laicized
Frederick J. Bistricky, Deceased
Daniel A. Budzynski, Laicized
Peter A. Burns, Laicized
S. Joseph Collova, Excommunicated
Andrew P. Doyle, Laicized (Deceased)
William J. Effinger, Deceased
Ronald Engel, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry
George A. Etzel, Deceased
William J. Farrell, Deceased
James M. Flynt, Laicized
James M. Godin, Laicized
Edmund H. Haen, Deceased
David J. Hanser, Laicized
Harold A. Herbst, Deceased
George S. Hopf, Deceased
James N. Jablonowski, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry
Marvin T. Knighton, Laicized
John T. Knotek, Deceased
Michael J. Krejci, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry
Eugene T. Kreuzer, Deceased
Oswald G. Krusing, Deceased
Jerome E. Lanser, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry
Eldred B. Lesniewski, Deceased
Daniel J. Massie, Laicized
Lawrence C. Murphy, Deceased
Michael T. Neuberger, Dismissed from clerical state (case in appeal)
Richard W. Nichols, Deceased
George A. Nuedling, Deceased
John A. O'Brien, Laicized
Donald A. Peters, Laicized
Roger W. Schneider, Laicized
Clarence J. Schouten, Deceased
Vincent A. Silvestri, Deceased
Thomas A. Trepanier, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry
Jerome A. Wagner, Laicized
John C. Wagner, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry
Charles W. Walter, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry
Siegfried F. Widera, Deceased


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