List of Perpetrators

Diocese of Fairbanks
April 4, 2012



As agreed to in the Third Plan of Reorganization, the Fairbanks Diocese is posting the names of all known individuals, including priests, religious, lay employees and volunteers, against whom a complaint of sexual abuse has been filed by one or more individuals. Those listed include Admitted, Proven, or Credibly Accused Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse.

The number of reports are in parenthesis.

Rev. Rene Astruc, SJ (3)
Rev. Charles Bartles, SJ (1)
Rev. Jules Convert, SJ (37)
Rev. Robert Corrigal, SJ (1)
Rev. Norman Dononue, SJ (4)
Rev. George Endal, SJ (26)
Rev. Andrew Eordogh, SJ (1)
Rev. Francis Fallert, SJ (1)
Rev. John Fox, SJ (1)
Rev. Harold Greif, SJ (1)
Rev. Henry Hargreaves, SJ (9)
Rev. James Jacobson, SJ (12)
Rev. James Laudwein, SJ (1)
Rev. Paul Linssen, SJ (1)
Rev. Segundo Llorente, SJ (3)
Rev. Richard McCaffrey, SJ (8)
Rev. Angus McDonald (3)
Rev. William McIntyre, SJ (1)
Rev. Bernard McMeel, SJ (1)
Rev. Cornelius Murphy, SJ (1)
Rev. Francis Nawn, SJ (24)
Rev. Paul O'Conner, SJ (1)
Rev. James W. Plamondon, SJ, Ret. (1)
Rev. James Poole, SJ (19)
Rev. Charles Saalfeld, SJ (1)
Rev. John Wood, SJ (2)

Deacon Pat Beans, Sr. (1)
Deacon Joseph Lake, Sr. (1)

Br. Robert Benish, SJ (2)
Br. Francis Fox, SJ (1)
Br. Ignatius Jakes, SJ (5)

Sr. Evelyn (1)
Sr. Marion Jude (1)
Sr. Mary Asia (2)
Sr. Mary Joanne (1)
Sr. Mary Rosalia (1)
Sr. Pascal (6)
Sr. Rita (1)

Vincent Fox (1)
Alec Hunt (1)
Steve Joe (1)
Joseph Lundowski (112)
Anton Smario (27)


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