Br. Stephen Lilly, O.S.B

Behind the Pine Curtain
No Date

Member of St. John's (MN) Benedictine Monastery in 2009: No

Br. Stephen Lilly

Allegations of Abuse and/or Misconduct

Br. Stephen Lilly, a dormitory resident prefect at St. John University where the plaintiff was student. Plainitiff said Lilly sexually and mentally abused him 1989-1990 when he sought counseling. Allegations surfaced in 1992. A civil suit filed in 1994. Victim and Lilly received counseling. Lilly left St. John's community in 1993 and was dispensed from his religious vows. (


Born: 6/22/56

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Professed: 7/11/83 (27.05 years old)

Listed as an Active Monk in 2009: No

First Year in Benedictine Ordo: 1984

Last Year in Benedictine Ordo: 1993

Possible Aliases

Possible aliases for Br. Stephen Lilly, O.S.B.:

Br. Stephen Lilly, Brother Stephen Lilly


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