Archdiocesan Priests with Substantiated Allegations of Sexual Misconduct with Minors
(Includes Living Current and Former Priests and Deceased Priests Who Were Able to Respond to the Allegations)

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The following Archdiocesan priests are no longer in public ministry because an allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor has been substantiated. The list includes priests against whom there have been substantiated allegations since 1950.

The allegations were substantiated by the Archdiocese's Review Process for Continuation of Ministry administered by the Professional Responsibility Review Board. Prior to the creation of the Review Board in 1992, allegations were substantiated by administrative review. None of the priests are in ministry.

An allegation is deemed to be substantiated if there is reasonable cause to believe that abuse occurred. This determination follows a process of consultation and is not a legal judgment.

Deceased priests who did not have an opportunity to respond to an allegation before they died are not included on the list.

Every effort has been made to make sure that the list is accurate. Questions about the list should be in writing and directed to the Office of the Chancellor, Archdiocese of Chicago, P.O. Box 1979, Chicago, IL 60690.

Baranowski, Alexander Sylvester 5/3/1955 Laicized 8/1976
Bartz, Richard Barry 5/8/1974 Resigned 6/2002
Becker, Robert Charles 4/29/1965 Deceased 10/1989
Bennett, Joseph R. 4/26/1966 Removed from Public Ministry 2/3/2006
Bogdan, Leonard Adolph 5/3/1960 Retired from Diocese of Kalamazoo 6/2000
Bowman, Robert Peter 5/3/1955 Removed from Public Ministry 5/2002
Braun, David Francis 5/5/1954 Deceased 12/1997
Buck, Daniel Peter 5/12/1971 Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002
Burns, Eugene Patrick 5/3/1955 Deceased 1/2005
Calicott, John Walter 5/8/1974 Laicized 9/2009
Cloutier, William J. 5/14/1975 Deceased 8/2003
Craig, Robert 5/8/1974 Resigned 10/1993
Curran, John William 5/3/1957 Deceased 3/2000
Czajka, Norman J. 5/1/1961 Removed from Public Ministry 4/2006
DeRoeck, Walter George 5/12/1971 Laicized 1/2002
Dilla, Francis Emil 5/1/1953 Deceased 2/2005
Fassbinder, Richard Wayne 5/1/1953 Deceased 5/2004
Fitzharris, Joseph L. 4/28/1962 Laicized 5/2009
Flosi, James Vincent 5/12/1971 Resigned 7/1992
Friese, Robert 5/10/1978 Laicized 7/1987
Garza, Jesus P. 5/9/1979 Resigned 7/2000
Hagan, James Craig 5/8/1974 Resigned 4/1997
Hefferan, John Edward 5/1/1956 Removed from Public Ministry 10/2003
Hoder, James 5/14/1975 Resigned 5/1997
Hogan, Michael J. 5/19/1984 Resigned 7/1993
Holihan, Daniel Mark 5/3/1957 Resigned 11/2008
Huppenbauer, Walter Edward 5/3/1957 Removed from Public Ministry 10/2002
Job, Thomas 5/13/1970 Resigned 12/1992
Kealy, Robert Louis 5/10/1972 Resigned 4/2006
Keehan, John James 4/27/1967 Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002
Keough, John Joseph 5/1/1952 Laicized 11/2008
Kissane, Joseph Patrick 5/14/1969 Resigned 5/1991
Kmak, Leonard Paul 5/7/1959 Deceased 7/2002
Lupo, William L. 4/29/1965 Resigned 12/2002
Maday, Norbert J. 4/30/1964 Laicized 12/2007
Maloney, Edward 5/3/1955 Removed from Public Ministry 5/2009
Mayer, Robert E. 4/30/1964 Resigned 1/1994
McCaffrey, Vincent 5/10/1978 Resigned 12/1993
McCormack, Daniel J. 5/21/1994 Laicized 11/2007
McDonald, Robert Joseph 5/9/1973 Resigned 6/1990
McNamara, Peter John 6/6/1970 Laicized 11/1972
Mulsoff, Donald John 5/14/1969 Deceased 11/2005
O'Brien, William John 5/9/1973 Laicized 7/2006
Owens, Joseph 5/14/1975 Laicized 4/1971
Robinson, John Allen 5/12/1971 Removed from Public Ministry 1/2003
Rohrich, John F. 4/29/1965 Resigned 6/1975
Romano, Russell Lawrence 5/9/1973 Laicized 5/2009
Ruge, Kenneth Charles 5/1/1963 Deceased 5/2002
Savage, Joseph E. 3/16/1918 Deceased 6/1974
Skriba, Raymond Francis 5/3/1957 Removed from Public Ministry 7/2002
Snieg, Marion Joseph 5/3/1955 Deceased 6/2005
Steel, James R. 5/2/1968 Laicized 3/2001
Stepek, Robert A. 5/13/1981 Removed from Public Ministry 11/4/2006
Stewart, Victor E. 5/10/1978 Deceased 6/1994
Strand, Ralph S. 4/30/1964 Removed from Public Ministry 3/1993
Swade, Thomas J. 5/1/1961 Laicized 10/2009
Swider, Henry Peter 5/3/1950 Deceased 8/2007
Tanghal, Albert 5/18/1991 Deceased 12/2003
Theisen, Richard Gregory 5/1/1952 Laicized 4/2001
Thomas, Joseph S. 5/1/1952 Retired/Removed from Public Ministry 10/2002
Turlo, Walter Joseph 5/13/1970 Laicized 10/2009
Ulatowski, Donald Francis 5/1/1956 Deceased 6/1999
Vader, Anthony Joseph 5/1/1952 Removed from Public Ministry 2/2003
Weston, Michael Howard 5/9/1973 Resigned 9/1993


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