Separation Anxiety

By Liz Smith
Newsday [New York]
July 29, 2003

'Don't make me come down there!" says God, thundering from the skies at a cardinal wearing a "Church Cover-Ups" chasuble in the Mike Peters cartoon.

The church has indeed been having a bad time lately with its child-molesting priests and cover-ups. Then the church had visited upon it a bestselling novel titled "The Da Vinci Code," by Dan Brown, a fabulously researched and exciting telling of the questionable mysteries of Opus Dei. Before that, Brown wrote an equally enthralling thriller called "Angels and Demons," all about the Vatican, Rome and the emergence again of the Illuminati (Renaissance scientists and freethinkers who challenged church dogma). But now the church really has something on its hands - "The Magdalene Sisters," the Miramax Film that won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for its director-writer Peter Mullan.

This is the true story of how the Irish Catholic church turned feisty young women who'd been raped, flirtatious or had a child out of wedlock into labor slaves trapped in a laundry. It is a display of female and male misogyny to shatter the heart. This loathsome system began in 1938 and didn't stop until 1996.

See it and weep! See it and throw up with revulsion! See it and find yourself turned into a feminist/humanist over the course of two hours! Don't miss this film.


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