Letters to the Editor
Catholic Commentary

By Treacy Gibbens
Naples Daily News [Naples FL]
September 19, 2003

I never believed in reincarnation until I read Peg Clark's guest commentary on Sunday.

Her review of "The Magdalene Sisters" reminds me so much of the 19th-century Maria Monk canards that I thought there might be a close connection. (In 1836 Maria Monk published a book titled "Awful Disclosures" in which she allegedly exposed various scandalous events that, according to her, had occurred at the Hotel Dieu convent in Montreal. According to sites on the Web, her book spawned an entire publishing industry.)

Peg Clark writes, "This unfathomable story is true." Anyone who seeks truth coming out of Hollywood must be very naive.

Why does Voice of the Faithful of Southwest Florida hide its affiliation with the national Voice of the Faithful (VOTF)?

VOTF has as its consultant a Fr. Ladislas Orsy who, according to Cardinal Avery Dulles, "On the papal teaching office, Fr. Orsy renews his plea that Catholics should be free to dissent from definitive teaching."

VOTF founder Jim Muller ( says that the structural changes advocated by VOTF must remain undefined no doubt in order to keep the troops ignorant of the true agenda of the organization.

Highly regarded Archbishop John Myers of Newark, N.J., has charged that VOTF "... has used the current crisis in the Church as a springboard for presenting an agenda that is anti-Church and, ultimately, anti-Catholic."

What will Peg Clark's guest commentary spawn?

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