Letters to the Editor
Bashing Back

By Hilary Smentek
Naples Daily News [Naples FL]
Downloaded September 25, 2003

The seemingly "all knowing" Peg Clark asserts, "This unfathomable story is true" when critiquing the movie "The Magdalene Sisters." Little does she know, however, that the film about the alleged abuse of wayward girls by nuns in Ireland was distributed by Miramax, a company run by the Weinstein brothers who still maintain they are not anti-Catholic even though they have given us "classics" such as "Priest," "Butcher Boy," "Dogma" and "40 Days and 40 Nights."

When the film, produced by Peter Mullan, was first released, members of the Venice Film Festival called it anti-Catholic propaganda. Peg Clark failed to mention that, so conveniently.

Several movie reviewers of the film took the opportunity to make patently Catholic-bashing as in the New York Daily News which admitted the movie was "an overloaded melodrama," and that the Catholic Church "deserves the scorn" anyway. The September edition of Catalyst, a Catholic journal, reports the moviemakers have focused on cruel nuns who surely were atypical and presented them as prototypical: "This is a game that can be played with any demographic group and with any institution. Just gather all the dirty laundry, pack it tightly and present it as if it were reality.

"For example, there will never be a movie about Jewish slumlords in Harlem or Jewish managers of black entertainers in the 20th century. ... Catholics have to endure Catholic-bashing directors like Peter Mullan shopping his anti-Catholic script to anti-Catholic distributors like Harvey and Bob Weinstein only to be reviewed by anti-Catholic critics."

And our own Peg Clark. Disturbing, to say the least!

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