Kongster Says: Plenty of Dirty Linen

By Chan Wai Kong
Maylay Mail [Maylasia]
Downloaded November 30, 2003

The American psyche that puts itself on the world's moral high ground is being stripped for the headlines of global newspapers. As if having fought a war in Iraq that earned the US more enemies and little respect is not enough, sex scandals that are more mind-blowing than Clinton and Lewinsky, are exploding on the home front.

Like a plague, shocking cases of Roman Catholic priests molesting or raping boys and girls have been surfacing. More than 250 priests are believed to have sexually abused more than 1,000 boys.

And now Michael Jackson stands accused of sexually abusing a boy, as televisions across the world showed the cops handcuffing the King of Pop.

The American media certainly don't need to sex things up. Weapons of mass destruction may be hard to find, but scandals are plenty.

It's ironic that it took so long for these dark deeds to come to light in a country which spends billions to come up with spy satellites and other surveillance equipment to check what other nations are up to. Does the FBI have a paedophilia complaint department? And soon Larry King was talking on his television show with legal experts and child welfare officials about the charges that Jackson might face, and the word penetration was being bandied about.

Nothing beats a notorious sex scandal, notwithstanding that this is the jaded land of Playboy and Penthouse. The American media is already gushing about the trial of the century, or the thriller of the century. Forget O.J. Simpson.

MJ is angry that a lot of people are trying to make money off of him, and that is quite true. Even the aircraft company that flew him from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara to face criminal charges tried to cash in. They videotaped him having a conversation with his lawyer inside the plane and wanted to sell it to the highest media bidder.

And today, 23-year-old Jordy Chandler is set for life after accepting a sum of about RM104.3 million in exchange for dropping a claim of sexual abuse against MJ 10 years ago. Chandler said he bought a big house with a swimming pool and does nothing but barbecue the day away.

The gloved-one has danced across our mental landscape with his music, but Jackson has led such a bizarre life that Malaysians are no longer surprised with whatever the Wacko is up to.

On another issue of sexuality, the US has found itself facing gays and lesbians fighting on the civil rights platform for equal rights to same sex marriages.

And Jessica Lynch, America's most celebrated former prisoner of war, also has something to bare apart from the story of her capture by the Iraqis.

Pornographer Larry Flynt said he bought nude photos of Lynch, allegedly showing the undressed Army supply clerk posing with male soldiers, but decided not to publish them in Hustler magazine. Lynch admitted she did pose in the nude, but the pictures were taken long before she was deployed in Iraq.

"Jessica Lynch is a good kid, she's not a hypocrite or out to fool anyone. She's just a victim of the Bush administration, who is using her to justify the war in Iraq and force-feed us a Joan of Arc," Flynt said.

From priests to pop icon and war hero, they just can't come clean.

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