Response to Bill Donohue & Catholic League Criticism of the Tracker

Downloaded December 24, 2003

Dear Bill:

Although the creation of the Tracker was prompted by the abuse story involving Catholic priests, we’ve done our best to link to news accounts about various forms of abuse, including clergy of other faiths and others in authority positions. We’re not aware of failing to post any links sent by the Catholic League, and invite you (and anybody else) to send suggested links to Kathy Shaw, who does the posting on the Tracker, at

As for my NCR affiliation, this is hardly something that I’m only now “admitting,” as you put it.

I pointed out my dual roles in the About the Tracker page in June of 2002. NCR disclosed my role in an article about the Tracker in August 2002.

In retrospect, it would have been a good idea for me to link from last week’s announcement to those earlier articles.

Is it fair to suggest it would have been a good idea for you to avoid making assumptions when attacking someone’s integrity?

Thanks for linking to my response. I trust you see we published your entire news release on the Tracker the same day it was issued.

Bill Mitchell/Poynter


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