Journey of Revelation, Commitment and Hope

By Steve Mueller
Living with Christ
Downloaded January 1, 2004

It has been a dark year for our Church. The scandal of abuse, the improper use of money,

the failure of the leadership to deal openly and honestly with. clerical sexual abuse has created much darkness. But into this darkness, God is sending us new light. We are seeing a new expression of church coming into being.

This new way to be church hinges on one central point: we together are the People of God and so must take "responsibility for the direction that our Church takes today. All of us who are baptized must share the responsibility to keep the Church faithful to its mission of proclamation and sanctification and not think that this crucial task is only for a few ordained leaders.

Baptism, as we see from the model of Jesus, empowers us with God's Holy Spirit to fulfill this mission. Not only are we incorporated into the community, but we are required to continue Jesus' service to God's community on earth.

This month we recall the surprise of God's revelation in the midst of our darkness, and our commitment through baptism to join with Jesus in building of the community of God.

By learning to discover God's revelation of something new today and to rededicate our lives to its realization, we will bring about a new way of living God's dream for a new community.

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