New Allegations of Abuse

KRGV [Texas]
January 6, 2004

The Catholic Church makes a promise today to stop sexual abuse by priests. On the same day the church opens up, NEWSCHANNEL 5 uncovers a new allegation. The victim spoke only NEWSCHANNEL 5's Lisa Cortez, who agreed to conceal his identity. A grown man recalls the fear of an 11-year old boy. The victim was an altar boy at Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Sebastian. He says he spent the night with other altar boys at the home of a trusted priest. He explains to NEWSCHANNEL 5 that the priest took him into another room. He then asked the young boy to get something behind the desk. It was at that moment that the man says the priest attacked him. He tells NEWSCHANNEL 5 that the priest grabbed him and he raped him. The man says it happened continuously for six more years and he was paid to keep quiet. The victim says he never told anyone while it was going on for fear he would bring shame on his family. He has never told police and never reported it to the church. He even says the confusion and pain drove him to sexually abuse someone else. He served time in prison and now, after years of therapy, he says he's ready to bring to light the sins of a Catholic priest. The priest in question is no longer the pastor of Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Sebastian. NEWSCHANNEL 5 tried to contact the current pastor of the church, but was unable to get in touch with him.


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