Welcome to Voices of Outrage
Downloaded January 28, 2004 invites survivors of sexual abuse and non-survivors to join their voices and work together to bring justice to those abused by Roman Catholic priests, bishops and other sexual predators.

Stories continue to emerge that highlight the Roman Catholic Church’s cover up of sex crimes against children. And while the Catholic Church isn’t the only institution or organized religion that is guilty, it continues to make daily news throughout the United States and abroad.

Child sexual abuse is a worldwide epidemic. Child pornography has vastly expanded its accessibility via the Internet. We care passionately about stopping the sexual exploitation of kids. Kids who are abused today become tomorrow’s survivors.

Justice will be served when sexual abusers are jailed and when bishops and all those involved in the perpetration, secrecy and coverups of these crimes are also brought to justice. To date no bishop has been indicted. William Gladstone said, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” We thirst for justice—and we will not be denied.

You and I are just ordinary people. We’re certainly not capable of tackling the sexual exploitation of kids globally. But each one of us can stop, listen and learn because we share one thing in common. Each of us lives in cities, towns and communities where survivors of sexual abuse want to live their lives with dignity and where the sexual exploitation of kids happens every day.

In linking to the NCR’s Clergy Sexual Abuse Tracker, you have the opportunity to keep abreast of the media’s reporting—and use our Message Board to post your responses. If you are moved by what you read, please don’t stop there. We invite you to explore our Information & Resource Links on each page. To develop and broaden your understanding about the global dimensions of the sexual exploitation of kids visit The Cost of War: Children Paying the Price.

As you learn about the scope of this tragedy, ask yourself, “Where’s the Justice?” And in answering that question, trust yourself enough to reach out and help. Spend some time checking out Calling All States & Countries and learn what others are doing to support survivors and protect kids. Think globally and work locally. You can make a difference Any monumental endeavor requires the assistance of many hands doing many things. One person at a time—one step at a time. There’s plenty for everyone to do. Please Bookmark our site and visit often.

Your voice counts. Don’t ever doubt it.