Calls for Hubbard's Resignation

Capital News 9 [Albany NY]
February 23, 2004

Stephen Brady and Paul Likoudis are conservative Catholic activists who believe the Catholic Church is too tolerant of homosexuality, and has not done enough to combat sex abuse in the church. And they said Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard is part of the problem.

Likoudis said recently deceased Priest John Minkler was forced by Hubbard to sign a statement saying he did not write a 1995 letter outlining sexual misconduct by Hubbard, a claim the church denies.

Likoudis said, "Father Doyle handed him a statement and said 'sign it.' And Father Minkler told me 'I signed it with mental reservations.' And then as he went on in the conversation, he said 'I can't believe Hubbard forced me to lie.'"

The diocese continues to maintain that Father Minkler signed the statement about the letter voluntarily. Diocese spokesperson Ken Goldfarb said the meeting between the bishop and Father Minkler was at the request of Minkler.

Supporters of Bishop Hubbard who tried to speak on his behalf were either shouted down or led out of the room. The Albany Diocese issued a statement accusing Brady and Likoudis of "character assassination against church leaders with whom they disagree." The bishop and the diocese continue to deny all allegations against him. The bishop's supporters believe him.

Kathy Menard, Bishop Hubbard supporter said, "I'm a strong supporter, an unequivocal supporter, of Bishop Hubbard. I believe that he's truthful. I accept his word that the allegations against him are false."

Brady and Likoudis are also critical of the investigation, led by Mary Jo White, into the allegations against Hubbard. They believe it can't be impartial because it will be paid for by the church, something the diocese refutes.

Stephen Brady, Roman Catholic Faithful said, "His credibility, along with many other bishops, is so damaged that he'd be better off stepping down."

The diocese said Hubbard will not step down. Brady also outlined allegations against other bishops but offered no documents to prove them. He said he will meet with Mary Jo White later today.


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