Hubbard Critic Meets with Mary Jo White

Fox 23 [Albany NY]
Downloaded February 24, 2004

Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful has been investigating the Albany Diocese and Bishop Howard Hubbard since 1996. Today he passed some of his knowledge on to Mary Jo White.

"If she's true to her word and at this point I believe she is -- I think she and I are working to the same end to a degree," said Brady.

Stephen Brady told Mary Jo White she needs to go straight to the clergy for the information she needs. "The priests know. If they don't know the details first-hand they know the people that do."

But Brady believes they won't talk -- unless Bishop Hubbard says it's okay. "I basically told her I felt if the bishop would come out with a statement promising not to take any retribution against any priest who comes forward with information it might be helpful."

Brady also told White about his contact with Father John Minkler.

Minkler's body was found last Sunday along with a note and a bottle of pills, just days after he was linked to the scandal surrounding Bishop Hubbard. "Regardless of how he died, there can be no doubt that his death came about one way or the other by problems in the Diocese," said Brady.

Last night -- Brady organized a spirited meeting of Orthodox Catholics, where Hubbard supporters were not allowed to speak.

Brady says they were being disruptive, because they're scared. "If they weren't afraid of possible outcomes they wouldn't have been there so loudly objecting, because if you've got nothing to fear let us go on about our business and ignore us," he said.

The Diocese says Brady's group, Roman Catholic Faithful, and the other organizer of last night's meeting " Paul Likoudis of the Wanderer Newspaper -- "have for many years waged an unfortunate campaign of character assassination against church leaders with whom they disagree."

Brady admits to having an agenda, but he says extreme times call for extreme measures."We're tired of bishops and priests not honoring their position in life. When they put on that collar that makes a statement, a statement that they accept what the church teaches. When they act contrary to that, we have a problem," he said.

The diocese also says Hubbard has no plans to step down -- despite Brady's calls for his resignation. By the way, Mary Jo White would not comment on today's meeting.


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