Another Letter Surfaces

Capital News 9 [Albany NY]
February 25, 2004

Another letter has surfaced, purportedly written by the late Reverend John Minkler.

A faxed copy of the letter was sent to area news media by attorney John Aretakis, who has represented several victims of clergy sex abuse. It was allegedly sent to the conservative Catholic activist Stephen Brady three years ago.

The handwritten letter contains the names of Albany Diocese priests, and describes allegations of sexual misconduct and other transgressions.

Minkler's signature is similar to the one released by the diocese on a statement Minkler signed disavowing knowledge of a letter to then Cardinal John O'Connor, citing alleged sexual misconduct by Bishop Howard Hubbard.

Aretakis said, "The Albany Diocese is still denying that Fr. Minkler wrote the June 1995 letter and in fact this letter not only refutes that, but it corroborates many of the things that are in the first letter."

In a statement from the Albany Diocese, spokesman Ken Goldfarb said, "The public dissemination of these defamatory private notes is being done for one reason and one reason only -- that is to hurt people," and they are unsubstantiated allegations.

Minkler was found dead in his Watervliet home earlier this month. His death remains under investigation.