We Almost Took a Break

National Catholic Reporter
March 19, 2004

Last week, patient readers, we gave you a rather large dose of coverage of the sexual abuse crisis because of the release of the reports by the National Review Board. This week, we tried to take a break from it, but when the police raided the residence of Bishop Thomas L. Dupre in Springfield, Mass., and developments continued in the case of Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany, N.Y., we couldn’t ignore it.

A significant difference in the two cases bears notice at this point, without judging the merits of either. In the Springfield case, Dupre, once confronted by the local newspaper regarding allegations from two accusers, disappeared without comment and is now in treatment (see story). Hubbard, on the other hand, faced accusations, as our story notes, from “a pair of ghosts and a former prostitute” in league with a group that has been after Hubbard for years. He did not disappear but instead issued an unqualified and absolute denial of the charges (see story). We’ll keep you informed.


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