Address Concerns of Abuse Victims

Mercury News [California]
Downloaded April 11, 2004

John Salberg should be proud of coming forward and making the issue of sexual abuse by Catholic priests public (Page 1B, April 3). In doing so, he has helped many victims of sexual abuse -- not only by priests, but also by relatives or friends. These are dark secrets that no one, including the victim, cares to talk about.

Fear and denial are among the reasons that victims wait so long before coming forward. No one wants to deal with this ugly issue, but Bishop Patrick J. McGrath and others are doing so. They are supportive and should be commended.

For real healing to occur, more openness and cooperation is needed between church officials and the victims. I'm a supportive Catholic, and I hope that victims' concerns are taken into account by the church and our community.

Laura Brickman
San Jose