Morons in the News: Church Coverups May Extend to Murder [Toledo OH]
April 27, 2004

We know that the Catholic Church has a history of moving child molester priests around rather than letting the law deal with them; it looks like they may do the same for murderers...

Rev. Gerald Robinson has been charged in the ritualistic slaying of a nun back in 1980. He stands accused of killing Sister Margaret Ann Pahl over 24 years ago, stabbing her 30 times then leaving her body in Toledo's Mercy hospital chapel surrounded by candles with her arms crossing her chest. Sister Margaret was the caretaker at the chapel; Robinson was the hospital chaplain.

Authorities had re-opened their investigation in the case after hearing from a woman who claimed to have been abused by priests for years. According to the Toledo Blade:

She described Satanic ceremonies in which priests placed her in a coffin filled with cockroaches, forced her to ingest what she believed to be a human eyeball, and penetrated her with a snake "to consecrate these orifices to Satan."

She also alleged that the group of clerics killed an infant and a 3-year-old child, performed an abortion on her, and mutilated dogs during the rituals, according to a copy of her statement obtained by The Blade.

Investigators re-examined evidence and were able to use "blood transfer patterns" to place the alleged murder weapon at the crime scene under the control of Robinson. Robinson had long been suspected of committing the homicide, but at the time of the initial investigation, the technology to demonstrate that the weapon had been at the crime scene did not yet exist.

Nearly as disturbing as the murder itself are details coming to light that the local diocese may have thwarted the investigation with some retired detectives in the case believing that the church put pressure on investigators to stall or derail their work. Retired police officer Dave Davison told CBS, "You have to remember on our department, the people in the upper command levels that had control on this are good Catholics. And I'm sure that some kind of friendly deal was cut. I think basically he was under house arrest under the church care."

Despite Davison's protests, the investigation eventually halted, but the case was kept on "active" status. He noted that "active" cases are exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests.

Robinson was eventually removed from the hospital by the church. He continued to serve elsewhere until his arrest. Sound familiar?



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