Just When I Thought It Was Safe to Turn
My Attention from the Catholic Church Pedophile Priest Scandal, I Find I Was Wrong [Springfield MA]
May 12, 2004

A few weeks ago the folks in Springfield, Massachusetts were excited to get a new Bishop to replace the one accused of sexually molesting little boys. Bishop Depraved (Dupre) was gone, the wicked witch was dead and we were no longer in Kansas, Toto. Ah, that wonderful passion for self-delusion that possesses those of us who somehow believe right will eventually win out struck again. The new Bishop is the same old song and dance with a new name and perhaps a more ominous agenda than his predecessor, the molester-embracing Bishop Depraved.

This week the new Bishop, the Most Reverend Timothy A. McDonnell (that is what he calls himself in e-mail) showed that he cut from the same old cloth.

Most reverend compared to what is my question? All these haughty demands of titles and nobility coming from someone who has issued a call of duty to blind obedience by the priests under his supervision make me want to puke. I shall explain.

Most of my readers are familiar with this story; but for those of you who are not, I direct you to the jungle page of my website for clarity. And now back to today. The Most Reverend Timothy A. McDonnell is, from my vantage point, a friend of pedophile priests and in particular Richard Lavigne. McDonnell has been asked many times why he would need to take time to tell convicted pedophile, laicized priest (for those of you who don't know what that means, it means the Catholic Church threw his sorry ass out of the office of Priest) and prime suspect in the murder of a little boy, Richard Lavigne, "hell no, you are not getting another red cent from the Church." McDonnell says he needs time to think and he'll not be bullied. Oops, shades of Depraved are creeping in. A friend of freak boys is in charge again. God help us all.

Excuse me but I don't have a clue in the world how these sickos can attempt to justify the bestial deeds done in the name of the Lord by considering continued support to the sick bastard that ruined untold lives with his vile sexual obsessions with little boys that looked up to him as a priest. Not to mention the millions he cost the Springfield Diocese in settling lawsuits.

And then you have Father James Scahill, my friend and hero in the faith. Padre Scahill is the same type of man Andrew Jackson spoke of when he said "One man with courage makes a majority." Father Scahill understands that obedience to God comes before obedience to any earthly man or institution. Up until a couple of days ago Father Scahill served on the Presbyteral Council under Bishop McDonnell. Seems Father Scahill got on the very last nerve of the Most Reverend McDonnell and was thrown off the council during a temper tantrum by the Most Reverend. It further seems Most Reverend was not very reverent when he came unhinged on Father Scahill. The Most Reverend accused Scahill of calling him a coward and lackey of the Vatican. Scahill deniescalling Most Reverend a lackey (although it is true). The truth is a bitch sometimes, ain't it? It gets better.

The Most Reverend also told Father Scahill that he has done more damage to the church than the aforementioned kiddie diddler, Lavigne. I ain't no injun but those are fighting words where I come from. It sounds to me that Father Scahill should've broke open a can of whup ass right then and there, but you know how we Redneck Jews are. Father Scahill is a gentleman and an humble servant of the Lord. I believe, on the other hand, the Most Reverend to be a lackey of the Vatican and a spineless coward when it comes to dealing with convicted pedophiles. It is a damn shame that he is taking a moment to consider providing additional funds to someone who has abandoned his very soul in his quest to fulfill his abominable sexual desires.

The Most Reverend should be ashamed to utter slanderous and abusive statements against Father Scahill. Anyone with half a brain sees this for what it is: a concentrated campaign to vilify and thereby silence the lone voice that has spoken the truth of the situation in the Catholic Church.

Father Scahill might be a rebel in the eyes of the Church. It beats the heck out of allowing oneself to become so depleted of all distracting traits as courage that the matter of questioning or mistrusting an order becomes so academic that one immediately obeys with blind loyalty no matter how asinine the order might be.

The majority of the other priests present when Father Scahill was dismissed from the council seem to have very little to say. They are too busy worshipping the Most Reverend and flocking around him in a manner that reminds me of the wasp that used to nest in the trees around our old home. They buzz and hover and every once in a while zoom in with a veral sting, some witticism that wins them the Most Reverend's attention for the moment. The whole scenario is sickening. Over time these lackeys of the Most Reverend and the Mother Church have developed into pious turds, preferring tolive in a fog of ignorance rather than face the truth and let the healing begin in their church. It is not enough they are already guilty of passive neglect and the most shameful head-in-the-sand approach in allowing the systematic molestation of innocent children to continue for decades. Now they turn their backs on the one man in the entire church with large enough cojones' to say "enough." How sad that these black robed devils have chosen to ignore the moral andspiritual imperatives involved in facing the darkest hour of the Catholic Church, choosing instead to suck up to the Most Reverend.

And what about the Most Reverend? He seems infected with the lust for power which is a dark beast that can never be satisfied. It grows larger, and the larger grows its appetite. Those who have power hunger for more, and those who have absolute power are insatiable. The control tactics used by the Most Reverend in removing Father Scahill from the council are indicative of a disease that is virulent and contagious and one which keeps the healing from beginning.

The backlash to McDonnell's decision to remove Father Scahill from the council has been loud and furious. The march against the victims of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church continues. McDonnell is trying to silence the one voice crying out for justice, compassion and healing for those whose lives have been torn to shreds by pedophiles such as Richard Lavigne.

It is a damned shame that the Most Reverend would make the comparison between Lavigne and Scahill. There is nocomparison between the two. They are opposites--one good and one inherently, incorrigibly evil. McDonnell owes Scahill a public apology. I am profoundly appalled by the remarks made by Bishop McDonnell as I believe anyone possessing a conscience would be. You can share your thoughts with the Most Reverend if you'd like to. His e-mail is:

This situation is yet another example of all that is wrong with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. We are speaking of central truths here. Our Lord never required blind obedience. His own disciples questioned Him. The Most Reverend is on a power trip and needs his sacred cows of vanity and pride skewered.

The appointment of McDonnell was supposed to bring hope to the victims. In actuality his being there has transformed all the rhetoric of change into a paradigm of chickenpoop. They're talking but that is all it is-- talk. Shame on the Most Reverend.

I ask that you pray for Father Scahill. He has a deep and passionate understanding of values and of commitment to what is good and right. His integrity is beyond question. His service to our Lord is of a deep and fierce and certain way that lies close to the heart. May God continue to sustain him as he fights the good fight of faith.


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