Bubba Ginsberg- Redneck Picaso of Southern English

By Bubba Ginsberg
July 28, 2004

Yesterday was a banner day for a group of New England Catholics. Their efforts finally paid off when Bishop Timothy McDonnell awoke from his slumber and ended all financial support to laicized priest, convicted pedophile and suspected murderer Richard Lavigne. After many years and millions of dollars it is way past the time to cutoff Chester the Molester and close the filthy book on his sorry ass. Lavigne is the perfection of rottenness and is a postule on society's rump that needs to be lanced and washed away. Or in Southern terminology, he needs to be tarred and feathered. But I digress.

Kudos to Bishop McDonnell for finding his conjones' and doing the right thing after farting around with it for as long as he could. Now, if he will only apologize to Father James Scahill, (the one who has been a man of courage, character and integrity all along), for his comparison of Scahill to Lavigne. McDonnell gives the impression that he will not be told what to do and that no apology is forthcoming. Padre stop acting liking a horses' ass and apologize, you were wrong, it happens and it is up to you to make it right.

And if my story for today ended right there it would be a good one. Unfortunately that is not the case. As always, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has thrown a propitious little caveat into Mon's story, one which will try the soul of the most patient of saints which we all know, I ain't.

Let us go back a little in history, not too far, but a few months. In Boston, located in the Gay State, Cardinal Bishop Law was fighting tooth and nail to keep his lofty position as Cardinal in the Boston Archdiocese. Almost everyone in America watched this Legend in his Mirror flit around like a pouter pigeon, ignoring those who had been abused by perverted priests, choosing instead to be a protector and enabler of the sodomites under his supervision. Not a big surprise there nor is it the first time this has happened, but Law was, in my opinion, by far the most arrogant and obnoxious of the pack of wild beast parading as Priests, Bishops and Cardinals.

After much pressure Law finally stepped down and went away. He went into seclusion at a convent in Maryland. He hid there protected and coddled by the church. No big surprise there either. They seem to have done the same with former Bishop of the Springfield Diocese, Thomas Depraved. Nothing new with this hide and seek game.

And then came the bomb shell: The Vatican announced they are promoting Bernard Law and moving him to Rome to give him a nice, lofty, albeit symbolic post in Rome. What in the hell is wrong with those idiots? Is this how one who has befriended pedophile priests, played games with their victims and further tarnished the image of the Church is rewarded? For Gawd's sake, run the sicko out of town on a rail.

Anyone with the thinking power of a turnip realizes Law is being moved to Rome to make it difficult for the attorneys of the victims and the law enforcement agencies investigating the Boston Archdiocese to do their jobs. This hierarchy of the Catholic Church is wretched. Led by the Drooling Dunce Cap Wearing Fool in Rome, these morons have yet to see the evilness of their actions and those entrusted to feed, not rape the flock.

An unnamed idiot from Rome had the following to say concerning Law's appointment, "The sex abuse scandals in the United States have been highly regrettable, but I think the Pope himself feels that he as it were, drawn a line under them, and that Cardinal Law has suffered and doesn't really deserve to suffer more." Doesn't deserve to suffer more? What in the hell is this reprobate talking about? Law hasn't suffered for a nanosecond. What about the victims that are continuing to suffer and have now had their suffering compounded by the appointment of Law to Rome?

Regrettable? Jesus, Mary and Joseph.....Regrettable is not the word I'd have chosen. I am not even sure there is a word to begin to remotely describe the anger and I disgust I feel over this ongoing saga of sexual perversion and deception. The Catholic Church is doing what it has always done, taking care of and protecting itself, all the while ignoring the souls it has victimized in it's tidal wave of perversion.

What is the litmus test for moving up in rank within the walls of the Catholic Church? Do you actually have to molest many innocent children, or is simply hiding the ones that do sufficient to get to work in Rome? What a crock of crap!

And if the appointment of Law wasn't enough, his Holiness, the prattling Pope rambled yesterday about the "soulless vision of life" in the United States. His Highness seems to think folks over here are becoming soulless and need to hear the Catholic message of making this a more humane and peaceful world. Nice rhetoric but total BS. They need to retire this clueless fool. He has lost his mind.

The Pope needs to focus on the soulless inhumanity of his own church and not worry about the rest of the world. Many of his churches have been war zones for the butts of altar boys and need I point out the forerunners of this war have been black robed, soulless pieces of excrement. It is those this fool should worry about reigning in and keeping under control by whatever means necessary.

Oh that we lived in another day and time, the one in which pedopriests would not have been cuddled and protected but one in which they would have been considered part of a target rich environment. These scumbags do not deserve to share the planet with the rest of us. Nor do the ones who protect and reward them. This church will never change. It is the same old song and dance.

I think I will personally throttle the next idiot that tells me how much Law has to offer to the Vatican. Ted Bundy was an intelligent, amiable fellow too. Abilities should not be the only qualifications for service in any church. There are matters of holiness, character, integrity all of which are wasted words on Bernard Law.

I pray God will rain his judgment down on the Mother Church. The Psalmist David once wrote as a Psalm to God, "I hate those who hate you with a perfect hatred." I've no desire to become mired in hatred but if ever there were individuals and an institution begging to be hated it is the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. I pray that those who are still blinded by brainwashing will one day come to see that the hiearchy of the Catholic Church must hate God because they certainly do not display any of His attributes.


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