Predator Alert: Alert Sex Offender to Be Released from Prison New Mexico

Team Amber Alert News [New Mexico]
August 18, 2004

Alert Sex Offender To Be Released From Prison New Mexico From Santa Fe to Alamogordo, residents are outraged that a convicted pedophile priest is scheduled to be released from prison years before actually serving his sentence.

As Mark Horner found now the governor says that priest may want to cancel his plans. Father David Holley sent to prison in 1993 for molesting eight boys back in the 70's. His sentence fifty-five to two hundred seventy-five years.

"I mean, that implies to our victims, that he's going to die in prison. And to have this man reappear eleven years later with no notification is utterly devastating." This week Kasa Fox 2 uncovered a parole board decision to grant Holley parole.

Prompting this response from the governor's office expressing "outrage" and a violation of public trust. And late Wednesday afternoon a spokesperson for the governor stated a new hearing will be held to reconsider the parole board's decision.

Bill Richardson states "this sex offender was convicted, and I, like most New Mexicans, expect him to remain behind bars." Most disturbing for victims and others associated with the case a violation of law victims were never notified about Holley's parole hearing held earlier this year.

I mean, this thin is repleat with errors and ommissions. I'm beginning to think that someone did something intentional in this case.

No department in New Mexico can be this incompetent." Holley's been seeking parole for some time now last year he was shot down. Back then the parole board gave seven specific reasons why he should remain in prison.

Team Amber Alert Ask that residents as Well as victimes exspress their outrage on this very serious sex offender being released.

no child will be safe period with a sex offender roaming the streets. in chid molestation cases the offender is likely too re-offend.

its time to stand up and against those who prey on our nations children. it canot and must not be tolerated. reabilations is not a option here either.

elected officails is this the way you run your state and your prison system? you alow those people who commit crimes against our most presious and defenceless member of society our children walk free.** the children didnt have this option**