Accused Pastor Admits to Buying Meth

November 3, 2006

Haggard claims he bought the meth from a gay escort, 49-year-old Mike Jones, after contacting him for a massage.

Jones says he has had a three-year "sexual business" relationship with Haggard.

"I did call him," said Haggard. "I called him to buy some meth, but I threw it away."

However, Haggard could not remember where he threw the meth away.

Haggard said he threw it away "right after" he bought it.

"I never kept it very long 'cause it was wrong," Haggard said. "I was tempted, I bought it, but I never used it."

9 Wants to Know has learned leaders in the New Life Church were not aware Haggard had purchased meth and they were met Friday afternoon to discuss the situation. 9NEWS' partners at The Denver Post report the church leaders plan to meet again on Saturday.

Haggard said he was on an extended suspension of his senior pastor role and had resigned from the National Association of Evangelicals because his trust was in question.

"Those roles are based on trust," Haggard said. "And right now my trust is questionable."

According to Haggard, he met with Jones in a Denver hotel room after receiving a referral from the hotel in which he was staying.

When asked how he knew Jones would sell him meth, Haggard said he had told him about it.

"I went there for a massage," Haggard said.

When asked which hotel gave him the referral, Haggard said: "I've stayed at a lot of hotels in Denver because I write in Denver."

Jones gave 9NEWS two voice mails he says are Haggard calling him to buy meth.

Forensic voice expert, Richard Sanders of University of Colorado at Denver, tells 9NEWS he has a conclusive match of 20 words and phrases that Haggard left in the voice mail.

The 20 words that matched were: and, Denver, uh, um, so, today, tomorrow, check, could, hundred, just, okay, sorry, that, this, we, week, I am, I don't know.

On Friday morning, KHOW radio had a volunteer polygraph examiner administer a test to Jones.

The examiner believed Jones was being "deceptive" on some questions.

However, the examiner expressed some concerns over Jones' mental state, stress and fatigue, which might impact the results of the test.

Haggard said he was pleased his accuser failed portions of the polygraph test.

When the allegations first surfaced, Dr. James Dobson, founder of Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family and a close personal friend of Haggard, criticized the media for reporting a rumor, "based on nothing but one man's allegation."

Dobson released a statement Friday, after learning Haggard had acknowledged some "indiscretions" involving the accusations against him.

The statement said: "All of us at Focus on the Family are heartsick over the allegation, not yet confirmed, that Ted has had a private life with a homosexual for several years. We will await the outcome of this story, but the possibility that an illicit relationship has occurred is alarming to us and to millions of others."

"Ted has been my close friend and colleague for many years," said Dobson. "He will continue to be my friend, even if the worst allegations prove accurate. Nevertheless, sexual sin, whether homosexual or heterosexual, has serious consequences, and we are extremely concerned for Ted, his family and his church."

"Either way, the situation has grave implications for the Cause of Christ, and we ask for the Lord's guidance and blessings in the dark days ahead," said Dobson.

The National Association of Evangelicals also released a statement regarding Haggard's resignation as president.

The statement says: "Knowing Rev. Haggard, we found the initial reports of misconduct to be shocking and difficult to believe. As evangelicals we recognize, however, the stark reality of the power of sin in all our lives, and acknowledge that we are all capable of grievous moral failures. Moreover, we believe that the Bible holds Christian leaders to higher levels of accountability. Therefore, it is especially serious when a pastor and prominent Christian leader deliberately violates God's standards of conduct."

You can read their entire statement by clicking here.

The Denver Police Department says it is watching the situation unfold and planned to talk to both Haggard and Jones about the possible crimes that may have been committed in Denver.


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