Bishop Kunonga, Amai Chisamba in Sex Scandal

By Isabel Panyangara
October 16, 2007

The Right Reverend of the Anglican Church Bishop Nobert Kunonga has been caught in a shocking sex scandal with the talk-show host Amai Rebecca Chisamba of the popular television serial programme.

Details of the juicy affair between the pro Zanu PF clergyman and a senior member of his Harare Diocese are still unfolding but the bits at hand indicate that the scandal dwarfs the recent Pius Ncube "sex" saga as the two Harare parishioners are reported to be in the regular habit of banging each other, Zimdaily can reveal.

Bishop Kunonga

According to a senior member of the Africa Unity Square-domiciled church Reverend Kunonga and Amai Chisamba have been regularly spotted sneaking into the church premises during odd hours for the conduct of religious business.

The official said that the affair has been going on for months. It is widely believed that the recent elevation of Amai Chisamba to deputy chairlady of the Mothers' Union in the Harare Anglican Diocese is a reward for the affair motivated by Kunonga. Coincidentally Amai Chisamba was the best "lady" at the lavish wedding anniversary of Bishop Kunonga and his lawful wife late last year.

A Zimdaily source who claims he has been transferred from the Harare Diocese headquarters to St Luke's Greendale Anglican church in mysterious circumstances disclosed that Kunonga failed to discipline Reverend Canon Maideyi the priest of St Luke's parish after he had made sexual advances to a maid of the church. He alleged that his transfer was motivated by his knowledge of the intimate details of the illicit out of wedlock affair between Kunonga and Rebecca Chisamba.

Kunonga was unsure how to proceed in the Maideyi case as he feared our source could have confided the illicit affair between him and Amai Chisamba. The maid only mentioned as Mai Abdullah was paid a pittance $100 000 to silence her from disclosing the damaging story.

Amai Chisamba is married to a Harare lawyer who works for a firm that is based at Throgmorton House along Samora Machel Avenue and Amai Kunonga is the no-nonsense President of the Anglican Mothers' Union. How Rebecca has sneaked into her (Amai Kunonga) husband's pants remains a mystery and a feat of bravery by the sly Rebecca Chisamba.

ZimDaily could not obtain personal comment on the allegations about the illicit affair as he was not in his office. However, Zimdaily spoke to the diocese secretary Reverend Machingauta who confirmed the two held regular meetings at odd hours which he said were concerned with recent adversity in and attacks on the Anglican Church from various quarters.

The Reverend who is renowned for his boring and long winding sermons and bootlicking of President Mugabe is protected by Matibili's hit squad (CIO). His illicit affair that the CIO has kept under wraps only came to light last month when it attracted a hype of discussions among members of the church who threatened to leave the church en-masse.

After wind of the affair sifted to her ears, Amai Kunonga is alleged to have squared up with Amai Chisamba of the "Nyaya yacho yatokora" fame. She only backed off to avoid publicity of the illicit affair and save her marriage.

Parish secretary Reverend Machingauta said that the body of Christ has suffered enough violence and added;

"Why don't you rest this story and come see me tomorrow morning. It is especially damaging to the person of the Reverend Kunonga and it is not right to damage the confidence of the congregation."

Kunonga is under immense pressure to relinquish his continued possession of the Harare Diocese assets after he withdrew the Harare Diocese from the Diocese of Central Africa over the homosexual saga that has rocked the Anglican Church in the whole world. The Anglican Church trust contends that the Bishop's withdrawal of the Harare Diocese from the Diocese of Central Africa was illegal and tantamount to his personal withdrawal or resignation from the Church hence its current moves in court to reposes Church assets in his custody.

One Church member who is a rabid critic of the Matibili regime, political and social commentator has said that the revelations of two's sexual jibes threatens the continued airing of Rebecca Chisamba's talk-show on ZTV because of her apparent loose morals that are at variance with what she preaches.

"She is poisonous to say the least," the critic said.


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