Catholics Must Have Courage to Speak Out

By Janet W. Hauter
Chicago Daily Herald
August 20, 2008

The deposition of Cardinal George sadly points to an endemic problem in the Catholic Church.

It is replicated in city after city (Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.) with the same chants of theatrical apologies and settlements.

This is about morality, the very attribute that they chide us to live by.

There is no integrity among thieves. They treat us as second class citizens, lie to us, betray us and steal from us and we take it.

Many can't break the chains that bind them to be pay, pray and obey Catholics.

There is too much fear in the Church. We were taught to fear the boys. Catholics have been trained to be timid and give blind respect to those who have betrayed us systematically.

Will we finally be courageous enough to stand up and speak our truth to men who live in a feudal monarchy and treat us as the basest of serfs?

The time has come to speak out. The time has come to engage the legal system for obvious laws broken. There will be no change in our Church until Catholics develop a spine and speak out and the legal system investigates.


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