Lawsuit Says Mennonite Church Failed to Prevent Abuse

March 11, 2016

We are grateful this brave woman has filed a lawsuit alleging the Mennonite church “fostered a climate that aided in the abuse of children.” Brian Douglas Porinsky, a former pastor with the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba pleaded guilty to sexual assault and is serving time in prison.

Children are safer when predators are held accountable for their crimes; but it is vital that those who enable, shield and protect those predators are also held accountable. Too often Mennonite church officials take matters into their own hands and allow the risk of harm to continue, putting the reputation of the institution ahead of the safety of children and vulnerable adults.


When congregants, and especially children, are taught that pastors are chosen representatives of God on earth, a very dangerous situation is created. Time and time again we have seen children sexually groomed and assaulted because they felt they could not say no to a man of God.

We hope this lawsuit will force church officials of all denominations to become more vigilant in their hiring of pastors, to use their resources to educate the congregation about abuse prevention and to work with civil authorities in reporting and prosecuting these crimes.








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