Apology from the Rabbinical Council of Victoria

Manny Waks
March 17, 2016

I'm pleased to share the apology I received today from the Rabbinical Council of Victoria. It's important that every individual - especially leaders, and in my opinion even more so religious leaders - who have done wrong in the context of what transpired in Australia regarding the child sexual abuse scandal, reflects on their past misdeeds and attempts to remedy the situation. It's significant that Victoria's most senior Orthodox rabbinic body has done just that; they have taken responsibility for their inappropriate action. On a personal level, I feel satisfied and vindicated. On a communal level, hopefully this is another step that will regain the community's trust and respect for the Rabbinate. I look forward to continue to build on the constructive dialogue that has commenced post the Royal Commission public hearing with the RCV and many others.

Rabbinical Council of Victoria letter:

Thursday, 17 March 2016

7 Adar II 5776

Manny Waks


Dear Manny,

We trust this letter finds you and your family well.

Thank you for your understanding regarding the timing of our response to you.

Thank you for meeting with us at the end of last year. We felt the meeting was constructive, positive and open. It was great to be able to resolve to work together in the future and to commit to having dialogue between the RCV and yourself for any future issues that may arise.

One of the matters you raised at the meeting was your disappointment with the RCV for having called for your resignation as CEO of Tzedek. You explained that the RCV had not previously called for any other resignations and you therefore felt it was a personal attack on you.

Upon reflection, the RCV regrets and apologise for calling for your resignation publicly without first discussing the matter with you directly and giving you the opportunity to present your perspective.

We hope to work together with you in the future and that we give each other the opportunity to first discuss matters between us before taking further action.

Once again we express our support and commitment in standing together with victims of child sexual abuse and reiterate that reporting child sexual abuse to the authorities is not only permitted in Jewish law but mandatory.

Best wishes,

Executive Committee

Rabbinical Council Victoria








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