Victims Blast New Twin Cities Archbishop

March 24, 2016

The new Twin Cities archbishop is a slightly friendlier version of the old Twin Cities archbishop. This is a disappointing choice for an archdiocese that deserves better and by a pope who knows better.

Just weeks ago, Hebda stayed silent and did nothing while his corrupt predecessor quietly moved out of state and resumed ministry, causing a firestorm of justifiable outrage and controversy.

[months ago, we urged Hebda to reach out to victims of a predator priest whose conviction was upheld. He ignored us: http:]

And consider these developments from just six months ago in Hebda’s home diocese:


Consider Hebda’s depressing defense of a corrupt colleague’s opulent and expensive home:


Consider his obsession with public relations and with promoting complacency:


Hebda’s the consummate insider, a savvy politician. He’s a typical Francis appointee – a glad-handing milquetoast who toes the party line with a smile instead of a scold. He benefits from being judged by the extraordinarily low bar set by Archbishop John Nienstedt.

But he will do little or nothing to better protect kids and expose those who commit or conceal sex crimes and misconduct in Minnesota.








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