Judge Accuses Church Leaders of a Cover-up As Oxford-educated Trainee Vicar Who Raped Two Christian Girls Is Jailed for 15 Years

By Abe Hawken
Daily Mail
April 15, 2016

Jailed: Timothy Storey, 35, lived a 'double life' preaching the virtues of abstinence at St Michael's Church in London's Belgravia

A judge accused church leaders of a cover-up yesterday as he sentenced a former vicar who raped two Christian girls to 15 years in jail.

Judge Philip Katz QC hit out at the ‘utterly incompetent’ failure to protect youngsters from self-confessed sex addict Timothy Storey.

The Oxford-educated trainee vicar had groomed hundreds of other children on Facebook, using his position as a youth leader to ‘systematically pick off weak, insecure girls’.

But despite numerous warnings about his behaviour, ‘arrogant’ church leaders remained ‘stone deaf’ to complaints from his rape victims aged 16 and 17, and failed to inform police, the judge said.

Scotland Yard was only called in to investigate the serious sex attacks after Storey appeared on the front page of the Daily Mail in May 2014 for grooming underage girls.

The story prompted two women, now aged 24 and 25, to tell officers they were raped by Storey as teenagers.

While he was studying theology at Oxford, the sexual predator raped one victim, aged 17, in a toilet.

He also raped a 16-year-old twice at his student digs after plying her with alcohol at a concert in 2008. She was so in thrall to ‘cruel and arrogant’ Storey she described him as ‘more influential than God’.

Both girls made complaints, but church leaders were fooled by Storey’s ‘precious and utterly false religiosity’ and failed to pass information to police, ensuring the ruthless pervert was free to groom victims for another six years.

Judge Katz said Storey had been developing 'paedophile' tendencies but deliberately waited until his victims were over the age of consent before he sexually assaulted them

Judge Katz said Storey had been developing 'paedophile' tendencies but deliberately waited until his victims were over the age of consent before he sexually assaulted them

Storey, 35, smirked as he was jailed at Woolwich Crown Court yesterday. The judge said the Diocese of London had ‘mishandled’ the case and sought to shift blame on to the police.

‘His victims’ distress was added to by the way in which the Diocese... behaved,’ he said. ‘The implication was that the police were at fault.

‘If the Diocese... made those suggestions it was a shameful misrepresentation of the truth.’ He said some leaders ‘seemed to be worried about the ‘reputational damage to the diocese’, adding that an adviser on safeguarding had ‘arrogantly’ refused to help officers.

Storey, a children’s pastor, had been sponsored to join the clergy by the Bishop of London. But in 2014 he appeared in court accused of grooming hundreds of children on Facebook.

He claimed the sex was consensual and said his victims 'seemed to be enjoying it', but he was convicted of three counts of rape and one count of assault by penetration at Woolwich Crown Court (above)

He had become ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’ as he preached at St Michael’s Church in Belgravia while targeting girls from the congregation for sex.

Leading camps for teenagers in the Kent countryside, he manipulated girls ‘dazzled’ by his looks, sending them flattering messages on social media before tricking them into sending explicit images of themselves.


A senior Scotland Yard detective last night praised the Daily Mail for its coverage of Timothy Storey’s crimes.

Detective Constable Paul Hill said the rapist might not be behind bars today if we had not told in 2014 how he groomed hundreds of underage girls for sex.

Our front page story led to two women coming forward to claim they were raped by the clergyman as teenagers, sparking an investigation which led to him being locked up for 15 years yesterday.

Mr Hill, of the Metropolitan Police’s sexual offences exploitation and child abuse command, said: ‘The coverage encouraged the victims to come forward. If it hadn’t been for the Daily Mail, he may have continued to get away with it and might not be in jail today.’

He added: ‘We would encourage anyone to come forward if there are other victims.’

The Mail also exposed the extraordinarily lenient sentence handed to Storey in 2014. Outrage from MPs and charities led to his rehabilitation order being increased to three years in jail.

Senior members of the clergy were first warned he posed a danger to women in 2008, when an 18-year-old said he had sent her lewd texts. Storey was confronted, but no further action was taken.

Over the next year, warnings were issued by parents and one woman told a youth leader that Storey had had sex with her.

Statements from four women about his behaviour at camps were also given to the diocese.

By September 2009, the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, was told by senior clergy that Storey had been acting in a ‘predatory’ manner. The following January he apologised to one victim, but still the church did not report him.

Police were finally informed and discovered Storey was grooming hundreds of children, posing online as a privately educated teenager to persuade girls as young as 12 to film themselves naked over Facebook.

But at court he was initially given a rehabilitation order – and within hours flouted a ban to find new victims on dating websites.

Days after his sentencing he is suspected of raping a 20-year-old he contacted online.

No one has been disciplined at the Church. Revd Hugh Valentine – responsible for protecting children during Storey’s reign of terror – works at a South London charity.

The Diocese of London last night said it would carry out an independent review of the case and was ‘profoundly sorry’ for the ordeal endured by Storey’s victims.








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