Seeking a Confession, Part #9: Confirmation

By Steve Brown
September 5, 2018

What Jim Graham, has believed in his heart for 25-years is confirmed. A deceased Oblate order priest who he never met is Graham's biological father.

It was the first day of classes at Anna Maria College. Itís a small Catholic school in the hills of central Massachusetts.

Itís here Jim Graham came to learn some test results.

Two months earlier, he sat near the grave of Father Thomas Sullivan to watch the exhumation of the remains of an Oblate order priest. Graham had gotten unprecedented permission to dig up Sullivanís body to obtain tissue samples for a DNA paternity test.

For a quarter century, Graham has spent thousands of dollars and untolled hours gathering documents which tell a convincing story, that the priest Graham never met is his biological father. But all of the evidence is admittedly circumstantial which bothered Graham.

ďWhen I tell my story, thereís always some hesitation because we didnít have it validated. Some people could question if he was really my father,Ē he explained.








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