Catholic Church identifies priests accused of child molesting

By Rich Van Wyk
October 13, 2018

[with video]

A report released by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis documents disturbing allegations of child abuse committed by priests over a period of 50 years.

It names 23 priests and counts 97 victims.

Eyewitness News found the attorney who sounded the alarm over predatory priests more than a decade ago.

Patrick Noaker represented 13 victims in two lawsuits against the Archdiocese and won both cases.

"It's about time they have acknowledged what happened," he said from his office in Minneapolis.

Nearly 100 children allegedly molested by priests over 50 years until now have suffered mostly in silence.

"Some have dealt with it brilliantly, some of them haven't. They are still suffering," Noaker said.

In 2006, he spoke with reporters outside the City-County Building.

"Father Harold Monroe is a serial predator who needs to be in jail," he said.

Noaker represented 12 of Monroe's victims in a civil lawsuit and won. He sent evidence to local prosecutors but the priest was never criminally charged.

"Because the archdiocese covered his activities and his actions sufficiently so that criminal authorities never learned about them until it was too late to prosecute," Noaker explained.

Now the archdiocese admits there is credible evidence Monroe molested 16 children over 6 years. He was fired. Half of priests named in the report are dead or no longer priests.

"It takes a long time sometimes for people to feel comfortable coming forward and telling what happened to them, Noaker said. He believes time has run out for many victims and it may be too late for them to pursue lawsuits or criminal charges.

"Now comes the heavy lifting, finding those who were hurt and helping them," he said. "We have to find folks who have been hurt by pedophile priests and we have to get them the help they need and deserve so it is the archdiocese's job to do some outreach and help the people they've hurt."

The archdiocese said it's sent the findings to the Department of Child Services as required by law. DCS is not commenting on the status or existence of any investigation.


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