Excerpts from archdiocese's communication with abusive priest

Compiled by Andrew Herrmann
Chicago Sun-Times
August 13, 2008,CST-NWS-aquotes13.article

{Note from This compilation contains excerpts from exibits in the deposition of Cardinal Francis E. George. Below we have added links to the full exhibits and to the passages in the deposition discussing them. Corrections to the transcriptions are enclosed in curly brackets. For one exhibit below, we have provided an image of the exhibit that is transcribed in this compilation. This image is our addition; it was not included in the posted version of this compilation.}

Archdiocese correspondence regarding the Rev. Norbert Maday:

May 23, 1998: Cardinal Francis George urges incarcerated Maday to enter a prison-run program for sex abusers. "As one of my priests, you know our relationship is a {very} special one. I am sympathetic over the loss of your mother and your continued incarceration. I've asked [co-Vicar for Priests Daniel] {Fr.}Coughlin to look into the question of your lawyer's actions {—} or better, lack of action." {See Exhibit 23 and Deposition p. 251}

May 20, 1999: Coughlin writes to Wisconsin Parole Commission, outlining oversight and restrictions for Maday should he be released. "We would be pleased to receive Norbert Maday into the Archdiocese of Chicago system,'' writes Coughlin. {See Exhibit 26 and Deposition p. 254}

Oct. 4, 1999: Co-vicar for Priests Lawrence P. McBrady writes to an unidentified woman: "The Vicar for Priests' office continues to be in contact with Father Norb and we are looking for ways to bring about his freedom. {...} I am not able to divulge the exact nature of these endeavors{,} but I do want you to know that this matter is being taken very seriously." {See Exhibit 28 and Deposition p. 257}

January {12,} 2000: George writes Maday: "The very calling {to mind} of Isaiah's words on the Year of Jubilee echo my prayer for 'the release of prisoners.' As you know, Father Dan Coughlin and the lawyers have something under way. I pray these efforts will bear fruit." {See Exhibit 29 and Deposition p. 259}

March 6, 2000: George writes Maday: "As you know, we are trying in Wisconsin to make some definite efforts to have a sentence reduction in your case. Hopefully, some good souls will see that the six years of incarceration you have already endured are enough to satisfy the state and any sense of justice. . . . It would be a great fulfillment of the millennium spirit to see your captive heart set free." {See Exhibit 31 and Deposition p. 261}

Sept. 7, 2000: After Maday completes the program, George congratulates him, saying "it will help you significantly in the future." He also writes, "Let us pray for an early release. . . . I am looking forward to having you home." {See Exhibit 34 and Deposition p. 264}

Feb. 4, 2002: George to Maday: "We have tried, as you know, a number of avenues to see if your sentence{d} might be reduced or parole be given early. So far, we have not had any success{,} but we'll keep trying." {See Exhibit 39 and Deposition p. 264}

June 25, 2003: Memo from archdiocese fitness review board after victim made claim: "The claim is as follows: Fr. Maday fondled [victim's] genitals, gave the minor alcohol, and pot. [Victim] sat on Fr. Maday's lap while driving. . . . {The ellipses indicate the removal of: and Father Maday had an erection} Fr. Maday had in his possession books and child porn. {The following words were removed without ellipses to indicate the deletion: Fr. Maday was in bed with [victim] at a hotel, where} Fr. Maday rubbed [victim's] stomach for a couple hours. . . . There is reasonable cause to suspect the alleged misconduct occurred." {See Exhibit 40 and Deposition p. 266. The full text of this memo reads as follows:}

Jan. 20, 2007: Memo from archdiocese review board: "Board . . . recommends that Cardinal George writes a letter and follow{s} up{} with a phone call to the [Wisconsin] prosecutors{'} office to state that the Archdiocese of Chicago recommends and supports that Fr. Maday's sentence is extended." {See Exhibit 45 and Deposition p. 303}

April 11, 2007: George writes to the chair of the Wisconsin parole commission: "The situation has changed." {See Exhibit AOC 1 and Deposition p. 286}


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