Embarrassed by Church

Letter to the Editor
By Marilyn Wells
Chicago Sun-Times
August 17, 2008,CST-EDT-vox17.article

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I watched Cardinal Francis George's recent statement on the news. These are still shocking and heartbreaking news stories for Catholics to watch. His statement and delivery, unfortunately, seemed perfunctory, lacking the depth of sincerity I would expect to see after years of disclosures and opportunities for change of heart and change in business plan.

Can it be that they still don't get it? As shepherds of our faith, teaching Catholics how to live the Gospel and amend our lives, is this the example we are to follow? Would Jesus have needed to be deposed?

Our hierarchical leaders do not hesitate to claim absolute power over church and school closings, control of financial assets and any other administrative matter under their domain, until the time comes when they screw up and are held accountable in a court of real as opposed to canon law, at which time they suddenly claim their hands were tied, information was not provided to them, or that that was someone else's responsibility, but not theirs.

I am embarrassed and saddened by my Catholic Church. I am proud of the brave men and women who live with the devastating repercussions of sexual abuse as young children at the hands of their own priest but yet have summoned the strength to stand up to the money and power of the Catholic Church. I continue to be a Catholic not because of the traditions created by an elite, fearful hierarchy but because of my local faith community that surrounds me daily with examples of a Christlike life.

Marilyn Wells,


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