Why Is Cardinal George Not Held Accountable for Sex Abuse in Archdiocese of Chicago?

Letter to the Editor
By Rick Springer
Southtown Star
September 15, 2008,091508letters.article

How can it be that the CEO of the one of largest employers in the state doesn't get prosecuted or even censured for covering up crimes by his employees. Not just any old crime, but the most heinous of all, sexual abuse of children.

Yet no one in the Cook County state's attorney's office or the Illinois Attorney General's office has lifted a finger to demand accountability from those at the top of the Archdiocese of Chicago despite his clear complicity has been documented in the deposition released last week. Not a peep.

In the past five years, Cardinal Francis George and his minions have been caught engaged in such illegal activity. Their stalling tactics in at least two of those instances resulted in more children being abused.

Each and every time, after being exposed and hammered by the media, he steps out before the cameras, head bowed in shame and humility, and apologizes for his "lack of judgment" or says, "I wasn't given all the facts" or "We have strengthened and revised our policies to ensure this will not happen again" or "We have retained the services of XYZ Consulting to see where things went wrong."

The media tells him he's a naughty boy, slaps him on the wrist and goes on to give him high marks for making those changes.

How many more times does this have to happen (and it will), and how many more children will be abused before someone in criminal prosecution gets up enough guts to file charges against him and his cohorts?

When will the media stop treating him with kid gloves and start demanding his head on a platter?

Rick Springer


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