Bishop Accountability

Archbishop Edward M. Egan
New York NY

The staff at is beginning to gather information about Cardinal Edward Egan's role in the sexual abuse crisis. Below you will find recommended readings and the first installment of our Egan archive.


On Egan's Bridgeport performance, a must read is "Egan Protected Abusive Priests," by Elizabeth Hamilton and Eric Rich, and the same team's assessment of Egan's attempt to shift the blame to the treatment centers, "Doctors: Church Used Us."

For the dramatic story of how one of the protected priests was discovered in hiding, see "Abusive Priest Found in Caribbean Hideaway"and "A Predator Blessed with Charm."

For the terrible impact on survivors and their families, see "A Complete Loss of Faith in Egan: Abuse Victim's Mother Tells of Misplaced Trust" and "A Family Caught Between Faith and a Sister's Dark Secret."

We hope that you will read these and other items in our archives, including Egan's various statements, testimony excerpts, and interviews.


The second installment of our collection of informative newspaper accounts and diocesan announcements, arranged chronologically to describe Egan's role in the clergy sex abuse crisis in both the New York archdiocese and the Bridgeport diocese.

* Pre-2002
* January 2002
* March 1-16, 2002
* March 17, 2002
* March 18-20, 2002
* March 21-24, 2002
* March 25-31, 2002
* April 1-8, 2002
* April 9-13, 2002
* April 14-19, 2002
* April 20-24, 2002
* April 25-31, 2002
* May 2002
* June 2002
* August 2002
* September 2002
* December 2002
* January 2003
* February 2003

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