News and Views of the Rockville Centre Sexual Abuse Crisis

In this section, we offer media reports on the crisis as it has unfolded in Rockville Centre, statements by victims and advocates, and various writings by Bishop Murphy and his colleagues. Many items also pertain to Murphy's role in the Boston archdiocese, where he was a manager and auxiliary bishop before he came to Rockville Centre.

Peaks in the coverage occurred in early 2002 as the Boston revelations prompted examinations of the situation on Long Island, early 2003 when the Suffolk County grand jury's report on the diocese was released, and July 2003 when the Massachusetts attorney general's report renewed scrutiny of Bishop Murphy's role in Boston, before he came to Rockville Centre. There were hints of the crisis to come during the 1990s.

The most recent month's coverage is at the top of the page, with links to help you find the coverage you're interested in. This collection is large, but no doubt we have missed some important documents. Please email us at to suggest additions.

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MARCH 2005
- Perv Not High Risk, Doc Says, by Laura Williams (March 3, 2005) [about Rev. Michael Hands]
- Sex Abuse Claims against Former LI Priest (March 8, 2005) [about Rev. R. Thomas McConaghy]
- Bishop Removes Norwich Pastor, by Brian Wallheimer (March 8, 2005) [about Rev. R. Thomas McConaghy]
- Vigil: It's Not Over Till It's Over | Parishioners Reach Out to Possible Victims of Abuse and Ask for Accountability, by D.F. Karppi (March 11, 2005) [about St. Dominic's in Oyster Bay]
- Sins of the Past, by Tom Kasprzak (March 19, 2005) [about Rev. R. Thomas McConaghy]

- Catholic K-8's Shrink and Cause Is Debated, by David Winzelberg (February 13, 2005)
- After the Fall: Church Makes Changes, But Critics Cry "Not Enough," by Lauren Wolfe (February 24, 2005)

- Challenge to Bishops: Victims of Sex Abuse Ask Murphy, 4 Others to Identify Suspected Priests, by Carol Eisenberg (January 11, 2005)
- Group Suggests Ways for Diocese to Spend Reserve, by Rita Ciolli (January 13, 2005)
- Priests Face Judgment, by Rita Ciolli (January 24, 2005)
- Bishop Reports Status of Long Island Clergy Sex Abuse Cases: 17 Priests Disciplined (January 25, 2005)
- 17 Priests Reported Disciplined in Long Island Sex Abuse Cases, by Bruce Lambert (January 25, 2005)
- Family Upset at Decision to Clear Accused Priest, by Rita Ciolli (January 25, 2005) [about Rev. Brian J. Brinker]
- Abuse Charges Snag 17 Priests, by Brian Harmon (January 26, 2005)
- 18 Rockville Centre priests Removed from Ministry over Sex Abuse (January 26, 2005)

- Man Settles in Priest Abuse Case: Victim to Get More than $100,000 after Lawsuit against Two Dioceses, by Scott Travis (December 4, 2004) [about Rev. Matthew Fitzgerald]
- Diocese Transferred Priest, by Rita Ciolli (December 4, 2004) [about Rev. Matthew Fitzgerald]
- Diocese Faces Enrollment Decline, by Dick Ryan (December 16, 2004)

- Sex Abuse by Clergy Prompts Flyer Drive, by Brian Harmon (November 11, 2004)

- Letter to the Editor, by Sean P. Dolan (October 3, 2004)
- Lay Catholics Reiterate Call for Bishop to Resign, by John Rather (October 3, 2004)
- Warmly Embraced by Flock: Urging a Long Island of Justice for All, Bishop, in a Spanish Homily, Celebrates Latino Columbus Day, by Bart Jones (October 18, 2004)

- Sex-Abuse Scandal: Diocese Still Fighting to Dismiss Cases, by Rita Ciolli (September 3, 2004)
- Support Groups for Priest Victims, by Rita Ciolli (September 8, 2004)
- Dueling Support Groups, by John Rather (September 12, 2004)
- Rift Grows: Letter's Demands May Jeopardize Talks, by Rita Ciolli (September 13, 2004)
- Keeping the Faith: LI Catholics Hold the Key to Reforming the Church, by Dick Ryan (September 14, 2004)
- Pay Victims of Sex Abuse, by Sally Butler (September 18, 2004)
- Hear Their Voices, editorial in the New York Times (September 19, 2004)
- Letter to the Editor, by Harriet Garzero, Edward Garzero, and Center Moriches (September 26, 2004)

- The Teflon Monsignor: Despite Documented Facts, Bishop Murphy Still Escapes Blame, by Lauren Wolfe (August 5, 2004)
- Youthfest 2004: Joyful Spirit amid Cloudy Skies, by Michael Rothfeld (August 22, 2004)
- Lawyer: Church May Settle Late-Filed Cases, by Rita Ciolli (August 23, 2004)
- Kings Park Parish to Hear of Priest's Sex Abuse, by Samuel Bruchey (August 25, 2004) [about Rev. Romano J. Ferraro, an extern in Rockville Centre diocese]
- Fissures in a Grand Church, by Patrick Healy (August 29, 2004) [about St. Dominic's in Oyster Bay]

JUNE 2004
- LI Woman Reveals Priest Abuse (June 1, 2004) [about Rev. Augustine Sheehan]

MAY 2004
- Key Figure in Diocese Scandal: Ex-Priest Let Out of Jail, by Keiko Morris (May 1, 2004) [about Rev. Michael Hands]
- Church: Insufficient Evidence | Accused Priest to Return, by Rita Ciolli (May 9, 2004) [about Michael A. Carroll]
- Man Alleges Abuse by Priest in Early 1980s, by Betsy Taylor (May 11, 2004) [about St. Louis suit against Rev. Romano J. Ferraro]
- Woman Comes Forward: Former Teacher Says LI Priest Abused Her, by Rita Ciolli (May 19, 2004) [about Rev. Augustine Sheehan]
- Priest Gets Life Sentence in Sex Abuse: Prelate Admits Being a "Pedophile Predator" But Denies He Repeatedly Raped and Abused a Brooklyn Friend's Child in the 1960s and 1970s, by Stephanie Saul (May 21, 2004) [about Romano J. Ferraro, extern in Rockville Centre diocese]
- Life Term in Billerica Abuse: N.Y. Pedophile Priest Molested Local Boy, Now 37, during Home Visits over 11 Years, by Lisa Redmond (May 21, 2004)

- Suit Claims Priest Abused Youth in '80s: Cleric Is Defendant in Criminal Case near Boston, Civil Case in New York, by Tim Bryant (January 21, 2004) [about St. Louis civil suit against Rev. Romano J. Ferraro]

- Dillon Blasts Spota: Says Suffolk DA Illegally Released Catholic Sex Abuse Report, by Bart Jones and Andrew Smith with Dionne Searcey (November 3, 2003)

- Letter from Rockville Centre Priests to Bishop William F. Murphy (October 1, 2003)
- Judge Excludes New York Diocese from Abuse Suit, by Peter Franceschina (October 15, 2003) [about Rev. Matthew Fitzgerald]

- Let's Not Misinterpret What Catholics Desire, by Dick Ryan (September 30, 2003)

- Report Details Six Decades of Abuse in Boston, by Joe Feuerherd (August 1, 2003)
- The Battle Is Joined over Bishop Murphy, by John Rather (August 3, 2003)

JULY 2003
- I Was Abused . . . and 25 Years Later I'm Still Trying to Make Things Right, by John Salveson (July 2003) [about Rev. Robert Huneke]
- Report to the Diocese - Part One, by Bishop William F. Murphy (July 2, 2003)
- Little Comfort in Face of Death, by Rita Ciolli (July 17, 2003)
- LI Bishop Blamed in Boston Sex Abuse Cases (July 23, 2003)
- No Charges; Lots to Fault, by Adrian Walker (July 24, 2003)
- Two Bishops in New York Are Faulted in Abuse Cases, by Daniel J. Wakin (July 24, 2003)
- Excerpts from Reilly's Report (July 24, 2003)
- Church Leaders Raked over Coals in Abuse Scandal, by Cheryl Fiandaca (July 24, 2003)
- Law's Lieutenants Scorned in Report, by Thomas Farragher (July 24, 2003)
- "Massive" Abuse of Children, by Carol Eisenberg (July 24, 2003)
- Group Seeks Murphy Resignation in Wake of Boston Abuse Report, by Rita Ciolli (July 25, 2003)
- What a Church Should Be, by Jimmy Breslin (July 27, 2003)
- Bishop's Ouster Sought over Role in Sex Abuse Scandal, by Nathan C. Masters (July 30, 2003)

JUNE 2003
- Still an Unhealed Wound, by Carol Eisenberg (June 15, 2003)
- Murphy Needs to Respond to Laity Complaints, by Dick Ryan (June 26, 2003)

MAY 2003
- "It Was the Worst Thing I Could Imagine," by Margaret Fosmoe (May 4, 2003) [about Rev. Robert D. Huneke]
- Church Needs Priest-Parishioner Partnership, by Dick Ryan (May 15, 2003)

APRIL 2003
- Ruling Goes against Diocese on Questioning of Reilly, by Richard Nangle (April 1, 2003) [about Msgr. Brendan Riordan]
- Lawsuits Detail Allegations of Abuse, by Eden Laikin (April 15, 2003)
- 2 Suits: Diocese Failed Us | 34 Men Seek Millions, Citing Church Role in Sex Abuse Cover-Up, by Rita Ciolli (April 15, 2003)
- 2 Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Filed Against L.I. Diocese, by Daniel J. Wakin (April 15, 2003)
- South Carolina Priest Named in NY Abuse Complaint (April 29, 2003)

MARCH 2003
- Diocese Releases Costs of Clergy Misconduct, by John Rather (March 2, 2003)
- Praise for a Priest in Abuse Inquiry Angers His Victim, by Daniel J. Wakin (March 2, 2003) [about Rev. Michael R. Hands]
- N.Y. Priest Cuts Deal, Gets Two Years for Sodomizing Boy (March 4, 2003) [about Rev. Michael R. Hands]
- Monsignor Denies Abuse Allegations, by Rita Ciolli (March 12, 2003)
- LI Priest Sentenced in Abuse Case, by Frank Eltman (March 12, 2003)
- LI Priest Accused of Sex Abuse Defends Himself in E-Mail (March 12, 2003) [about Rev. Michael R. Hands and Msgr. Charles Ribaudo]
- A Sentence and Censure: Judge Rebukes Rev. Hands, by Rita Ciolli (March 13, 2003)
- Priest: Former Bishop Ignored Abuse Reports | Statement Links McGann to Church Cover-Up in 1980s, by Eden Laikin (March 18, 2003) [about Revs. Fitzgerald and McKeon, and warnings to Bishop McGann]
- LI Priest Accuses Former Bishop of Ignoring Sex Abuse Complaints (March 18, 2003)
- Diocese's Budget Raises More Questions, by John Rather (March 23, 2003)
- Diocese Appeal Hurting, by Rita Ciolli (March 26, 2003)

- Giuliani Firm Confirms It Hired L.I. Priest Barred from Ministry, by Daniel J. Wakin (February 1, 2003) [about Msgr. Alan J. Placa]
- Rudy's Firm Hires Priest under Probe, by Stephanie Saul with Carol Eisenberg (February 1, 2003) [about Msgr. Alan J. Placa]
- Accused N.Y. Priest Is Working for Giuliani (February 2, 2003) [about Msgr. Alan J. Placa]
- Sins of the Fathers: Grand Jury Says LI Diocese Protected Abusive Priests, by Rita Ciolli (February 10, 2003)
- Priests in the Report (February 10, 2003)
- 4 Case Studies, by Joseph Mallia (February 10, 2003) [about Murphy's role in the abuse cases of Boston priests James Power, Dennis Keefe, Jay Mullin, and John K. Connell, with links to two documents from the Keefe case]
- Response by Diocese of Rockville Centre to Grand Jury Report (February 10, 2003)
- The Boston Files, by Rita Ciolli and Joseph Mallia (February 10, 2003) [on Murphy's role in Boston, with links to sample documents]
- Experts Lament Unheeded Advice, by Rita Ciolli (February 10, 2003)
- Chapter and Verse of the Accusations, by Eden Laikin and Steve Wick (February 11, 2003)
- Report Proposes Tough Reforms to Curb Abuses, by Dionne Searcey (February 11, 2003)
- L.I. Diocese Tricked Victims of Sexual Abuse, Panel Says, by Robert D. McFadden (February 11, 2003)
- For Jurors, Process Wrought Frustration, Anger, Exhaustion, by Stephanie McCrummen (February 11, 2003)
- One Saw What the Other Couldn't, by Paul Vitello (February 11, 2003) [DAs and Thomas Spota and Denis Dillon]
- View from the Parishes, by Martin C. Evans and Karla Schuster (February 11, 2003)
- A Protector or a Predator? by Carol Eisenberg (February 11, 2003) [about Msgr. Alan J. Placa]
- Victims Say Report on L.I. Priest Abuse Breaks New Ground, by Daniel J. Wakin (February 12, 2003)
- Little Hope for Change: Victims Laud Grand Jury Findings, But Criticize Church Response, by Carol Eisenberg and Steve Wick (February 12, 2003)
- An Apology for Sins of the Past: In Letter, Murphy Expresses Sorrow, Seeks Forgiveness, by Rita Ciolli (February 13, 2003)
- Unholy Acts and Alliances Line, by Denise Civiletti (February 13, 2003)
- Breaking Faith with Rome, by Denise Civiletti (February 13, 2003)
- Bishop Murphy Asks for Forgiveness (February 13, 2003)
- Rockville Centre Bishop Rebuts Grand Jury Report, by Daniel J. Wakin (February 13, 2003)
- Ex-Aide to Law Testifies in Probe, by Stephen Kurkjian (February 13, 2003)
- Betrayed by a Family Friend, by Jimmy Breslin (February 13, 2003) [about Rev. Brian McKeon]
- Faith and New Works: A Bishop's Responsibility, by Bishop William F. Murphy (downloaded February 14, 2003)
- L.I. Monsignor Scorns Jury, Insisting He Is No "Monster," by Dan Barry (February 20, 2003) [about Msgr. Alan J. Placa]
- Experience to Remember: Grand Jury Forewoman Recalls Work on Diocese Case, by Rita Ciolli (February 22, 2003)
- Group Wants Bishop Disciplined: Accused Priests Reside at Site of Latin Mass, by Rita Ciolli (February 26, 2003)

- Sworn Statement by Rev. Michael Hands (January 3, 2003)
- Priest: Abuse Hidden: Guilty Cleric Says Monsignor Protected for His Fund-Raising Skills, by Rita Ciolli (January 3, 2003)
- Hiding Truth to Protect a Big "Earner," by Jimmy Breslin (January 3, 2003)
- Long Island Priest Says Church Officials Protected Abusive Monsignor (January 3, 2003)
- Cash Offered for Silence on Abuse, Priest Says, by Daniel J. Wakin (January 4, 2003) [about Rev. Michael R. Hands and Msgr. Charles Ribaudo]
- New L.I. Priest Shocker: Convicted Rev. Says Monsignor Paid to Hush Up Abuse, by Brian Harmon (January 4, 2003)
- Priests Claim Sensationalizing, by Rita Ciolli (January 7, 2003) [about about reporting on Rev. Michael R. Hands and Msgr. Charles Ribaudo]
- Diocese Denies Pressuring Priest to Keep Silent About Abuse (January 9, 2003) [about Rev. Michael R. Hands and Msgr. Charles Ribaudo]
- As Diocese Begins Fund Drive, It Finds It Has a Competitor, by Bruce Lambert (January 18, 2003)

- New Files Show Cardinal Acting on Seven Abuse Cases, by Michael Rezendes and Sacha Pfeiffer (December 10, 2002)
- Sordid Tales Emerge As More Priest Files Opened, by Robin Washington et al. (December 12, 2002)
- Grand Jury Is Said to Call Law Subpoenas for Clerics in Probe of Abuse, by Walter V. Robinson, with Charles M. Sennott (December 12, 2002)
- State's Top Lawyer Accuses Boston Church of Cover-Up, by Pam Belluck (December 13, 2002)
- Grand Jury Subpoenas Law, Others, by Fred Bayles (December 13, 2002)
- Other Bishops in Trouble (December 14, 2002)
- Loyal Bishops Seen Drawing New Focus, by Michael Rezendes (December 14, 2002)
- Journey of Change, by Carol Eisenberg (December 14, 2002)
- News Analysis: Rebels in the Church, by Laurie Goodstein (December 14, 2002)
- Law Resigns: Cardinal's Departure May Be First of Many, by Jules Crittenden (December 14, 2002)
- What Murphy Knew, by Joseph Mallia and Rita Ciolli (December 15, 2002)
- After Cardinal Law, Questions for Murphy, by John Rather (December 22, 2002)
- Not Feeling Charitable, by Carol Eisenberg (December 22, 2002)
- Fitting a DA for Divine Vestments, by Jimmy Breslin (December 31, 2002)

- Tending the Upset Flock: LI Pastors Are Speaking Out Forcefully on Church's Tumult, by Rita Ciolli (November 10, 2002)
- Prelates Berate New Laity Group: Voice of the Faithful Labeled by Many Bishops as Merely a Stealth Reform Organization, by Gary Stern (November 11, 2002)
- A New Future for the Church, by Fr. Ray Schroth, S.J. (November 14, 2002)
- DA: Expand Abuse Report Law, by Errol A. Cockfield, Jr. (November 15, 2002)
- Synod to Bring Laity into Fold, by Rita Ciolli (November 22, 2002)
- Cardinal Meets a Lay Group, But Keeps Ban, by Pam Belluck (November 27, 2002)

- Church Gets It Wrong Again, by Jimmy Breslin (October 1, 2002)
- 17 Suits Name Former Priest in Sex Abuse (October 4, 2002)
- The Bishop's Place: Costly Renovations Turn Former Convent into Residence, by Rita Ciolli (October 6, 2002)
- LI Bishop's Mansion: Biggest Waste of Money, Bar Nun, by Jimmy Breslin (October 8, 2002)
- Priest-Sex Suit Seeks $300M Diocese of B'klyn Hit, by Barbara Ross and Dave Goldiner (October 16, 2002) [about Rev. Romano J. Ferraro and others]
- Bishop Issues an Apology: Murphy Sorry for Overruns, Backs Decision to Live in New Digs, by Rita Ciolli (October 20, 2002)
- One Bishop's High Cost of Living, by Dick Ryan (October 25, 2002)

- Faith in "God's Design": LI's Bishop Reviews the Trauma, Tragedy of His First Year, by Rita Ciolli September 8, 2002)
- Their Vow: Not to Be Silenced, by Carol Eisenberg with Rita Ciolli (September 11, 2002)
- 600 Gather Despite Ban by Bishop, by Carol Eisenberg (September 14, 2002)
- An Appeal to the Bishop, by Jimmy Breslin (September 15, 2002)
- Our Bishop Could Benefit from a Looser Style, by Bob Keeler (September 16, 2002)
- Bishop Explains Concerns about Voice of the Faithful, by Liz O’Connor (September 18, 2002)
- Voice of the Faithful Is Heard on Long Island, by Dick Ryan (September 27, 2002)

- A Firm Resolve to Halt Abuse, by Bishop William Murphy (August 4, 2002)
- Victim-Support Group Banned from Churches, by Daniel J. Wakin (August 10, 2002)
- Friar Faces Allegations, by Rita Ciolli (August 15, 2002) [about Rev. Gabriel Massaro, o.f.m., cap.]
- McCormack Banned Priest from N.H. after Abuse Allegations in May (August 16, 2002) [about Rev. Gabriel Massaro, o.f.m., cap.]

JULY 2002
- Sisters Tell Grand Jury of Priest Abuse, by Rita Ciolli (July 2, 2002) [about Rev. Nicholas Unterstein]
- The Legacy of Bishop's Letter: Praise for Priest in Abuse Case, by Rita Ciolli and Shirley E. Perlman (July 31, 2002) [about Rev. Andrew Millar and Bishop McGann]

JUNE 2002
- Misconduct Concerns: Diocesan Official's Role in Complaints Eyed, by Carol Eisenberg (June 3, 2002) [about Msgr. Alan Placa's handling of abuse allegations against Rev. Mundy]
- Law Firm Moves against Diocese: Files Suit Alleging Secret Settlement in Abuse Claims, by Rita Ciolli (June 7, 2002)
- Bishop Offers 'Sorrowful Apology' for Sex Abuse by Priests, by Bruce Lambert (June 10, 2002)
- Vow of "Never Again": But Murphy Regards Sexual Revolution as Factor in Abuses, by Rita Ciolli (June 10, 2002)
- Diocese Strips Placa of Duties, by Rita Ciolli (June 14, 2002)
- The Policy, Extent of Priests' Accountability Debated, by Daniel J. Wakin (June 14, 2002)
- A "Grave Crisis": Head U.S. Bishops Admit Church's Sex Abuse Failures, by Carol Eisenberg (June 14, 2002)
- Friends Defend Accused Cleric, by Dan Janison and Joseph Mallia (June 15, 2002) [about Msgr. Alan Placa]
- Which Bishops Have Made the Worst Decisions about Abusive Priests? by Laura Sheahan, Rebecca Phillips, and Deborah Caldwell (June 2002)
- Mahony on Web Site's List of "Worst Bishops," by Teresa Watanabe (June 26, 2002)
- Five Priests Retiring with Abuse Accusations, by Carol Eisenberg (June 28, 2002) [about Revs. McComiskey, Newman, Ribaudo, Saccacio, and Nee]

MAY 2002
- Two Pastors Accused of Sexual Abuse, by Eden Laikin (May 4, 2002) [about Msgr. Robert Saccacio and Rev. Kenneth Nee]
- $25,000 "Loaded Gun": Church Settles Abuse Claim With Addict, Who Then OD'd, by Steve Wick and Eden Laikin (May 14, 2002) [about Rev. James Bergin and Msgr. Alan Placa's handling of a complaint against Bergin]
- Diocese Should Tell Truth, Without PR Spin, by Dick Ryan (May 15, 2002)
- St. Martin's Monsignor Removed from Post by Diocese: Bishop's Decision, by Carolyn James (May 16, 2002) [about Msgr. Robert J. Saccacio]
- Northbridge Man Wants Monsignor Prosecuted, by Kathy Shaw (May 22, 2002) [about Msgr. Alan Placa's connections to Rev. Thomas A. Kane of the House of Affirmation]
- Records Show Law Reassigned Paquin after Settlements, by Stephen Kurkjian (May 30, 2002)

APRIL 2002
- Expressing Regret | Pastor: "Should Have Done More" to Prevent Abuse, by Carol Eisenberg and Eden Laikin (April 2, 2002) [about Rev. Brian McKeon]
- Queens Priest Arraigned on Sex Abuse Rap, by Scott Shifrel and Austin Fenner Daily (April 3, 2002) [about Rev. Romano J. Ferraro]
- A 2nd LI Priest Removed, by Steve Wick (April 3, 2002) [about Rev. Angelo Ditta]
- Family's New Outrage: Says Bishop Insists Accused Priest Can Resume His Duties, by Steve Wick with Eden Laikin and Carol Eisenberg (April 10, 2002) [about Rev. Brian Brinker]
- Prosecutor Skeptical of L.I. Bishop's Assurances, by Daniel J. Wakin (April 12, 2002)
- N.Y. Grand Jury to Investigate Diocesan Actions, by Fred Kaplan (April 12, 2002)
- Finally, They Listened: Atlanta School Heeds Warning of Abuse Victim, by Shirley E. Perlman (April 12, 2002) [about Rev. Robert Huneke]
- Priest's Getaway Home: He Took Some Victims There, Lawyer Alleges, by Ron Howell (April 17, 2002) [about Rev. James Smith]
- L. I. Diocese to Change Investigators in Sex Abuse, by David W. Chen and Daniel J. Wakin (April 17, 2002) [about Msgr. Alan Placa]
- Top Church Officials Off Sex Abuse Panel, by Steve Wick (April 17, 2002)
- Once Cardinal's Top Aides, Bishops Now Share Shadow, by Pam Belluck (April 18, 2002)
- Priest Ousted from L.I. Church Panel Defends Its Work, by David W. Chen (April 19, 2002) [about Msgr. Alan Placa]
- Leaving a Trail of Accusations: At Least 7 Priests Were Moved from LI, by Eden Laikin (April 23, 2002) [about Revs. Butler, Chasse, DeVita, Duvelsdorf, Fitzgerald, Huneke, and Miraglia]
- NY Abuse Panel to Have Lay Members, by Frank Eltman (April 24, 2002)
- Pope Apologizes: Problem Priests Make Way to South Florida, by Peter Franceschina (April 24, 2002) [about Revs. DeVita, Duvelsdorf, Fitzgerald, and Miraglia]
- L.I. Diocese Adding Laypeople to Panel on Priestly Abuse, by Elissa Gootman (April 25, 2002)
- L.I. Bishop Takes His Own Strong Position, by Kieran Crowley (April 25, 2002)
- Church Is Committed to Systematic Change, by Bishop William Murphy (April 26, 2002)
- The Church's PR Nightmare, by Paul Vitello (April 28, 2002)
- Nassau Requires Churches to Report Sex Abuse Complaints, by Bruce Lambert (April 30, 2002)
- Nassau DA: Abuse Cases Exceed 5-Year Statute, by Steve Wick with Chau Lam (April 30, 2002)
Mother from '78 Episode Speaks on Pastor's Past: Father DeVita Apologizes for Long Island Incident; Steadfastly Denies Florida Allegations, by Jim Meenan (April 30, 2002)

MARCH 2002
- Priest Guilty in Sex Case: Plea Yields 6-Month Term, Probation in Abuse, by Chau Lam with Carol Eisenberg and Eden Laikin (March 8, 2002)
- Touched by a Scandal, Bishop Stays Silent, by John Rather (March 10, 2002)
- Accused Priests Told to Resign: Long Island's Bishop Demands Some Accused of Molestation Leave Priesthood, by Steve Wick, Carol Eisenberg and Eden Laikin, March 13, 2002. [about Revs. Brian McKeon and James C. Miller]
- Bishop Won't ID Priests, by Carol Eisenberg and Eden Laikin with Steve Wick (March 14, 2002)
- Dioceses, Facing Great Scrutiny, Look Anew at Sex Abuse Cases, by Dean E. Murphy and Daniel J. Wakin (March 14, 2002)
- Bishop Murphy Finds No Sexual Misconduct, by John Rather (March 17, 2002)
- Sadly Familiar Tale: Brothers Say Priest Molested Them, by Carol Eisenberg (March 18, 2002) [about Rev. Peter Duvelsdorf]
- Parish Had No Warning: Earlier Abuse Complaints against Priest Kept Quiet, by Steve Wick and Shirley E. Perlman (March 19, 2002) [about Rev. Andrew Millar]
- Bishop: "This Will Not Happen Again": Murphy Faces 600 Angry Parishioners, by Carol Eisenberg and Tom Demoretcky (March 19, 2002) [about Revs. Brian McKeon and James C. Miller]
- History of Priest's Sexual Abuse Concealed by Church, by Kathleen Chapman (March 22, 2002) [about Rev. Peter Duvelsdorf]
- Cries for Help Ignored: Still-Active Priest Abused Them as Boys, Brothers Say, by Steve Wick (March 26, 2002) [about Rev. Rev. Eugene Vollmer]
- L.I. Bishop Gives Prosecutors Files, by Daniel J. Wakin (March 29, 2002)

- Priest in Abuse Suit Sold Condos before Claiming Bankruptcy, by Robin Washington (February 22, 2002) [about Msgr. Brendan Riordan]
- Other Priests Named in Kane Settlement, by Robin Washington (February 25, 2002) [about Msgr. Brendan Riordan]

- Church Allowed Abuse by Priest for Years, by Matt Carroll, Michael Rezendes, et al. (January 6, 2002)
- Pedophile Trials Entangle Church, by Tom Mashberg (January 13, 2002)
- Records Depict Lonely, Immature and Self-Deluded Priest, by Jules Crittenden (January 27, 2002)

- Pope Names New Bishop for Diocese of 1.5 Million, by Al Baker (June 27, 2001) [on new bishop William F. Murphy]

- Ex-Priest Charged with Abuse | Cops: Teenager Was Victim of Sex Crime, by Oscar Corral (May 17, 2000) [about Rev. Andrew Millar's arrest]
- Retired L.I. Priest Is Charged with Sodomy Involving Teenager (May 17, 2000) [about Rev. Andrew Millar]
- Jail for Sex Rap Rev: Judge Rejects Priest's Offer of Castration, by Robert Gearty (November 16, 2000) [about Rev. Andrew Millar]

- The New Shepherd: A Firm Hand for LI Flock, by Bob Keeler (February 21, 1999) [on new bishop James T. McHugh]
- Obituaries / Msgr. Alfred Soave, 77, Former Pastor at 2 Churches, by Katie Thomas (March 18, 1999)

- Personal Relationship with Jesus Is Focus of Catholic Mission, by Jovida Fletcher (March 21, 1998) [about Rev. Gabriel Massaro]
- Priest Admits Sex with Teen in 70s, by Stuart Vincent (August 29, 1998) [about Rev. Thomas DeVita]

- 2nd Sex Abuse Suit against Priest, by Stuart Vincent (March 13, 1997) [about Rev. John Mott]
- Victim Breaks Wall of Silence, by Paul Vitello (August 21, 1997) [about Rev. John Mott]

- At the Spiritual Helm: A Look at Bishop John McGann's 20 Years, by Stuart Vincent (June 24, 1996)

- Priest on Leave after 4 New Sex Complaints, by Stuart Vincent (January 12, 1995) [about Rev. John Mott]
- Embattled Pastor Reassigned: Sex-Abuse Accusers Protest His Move to Parish in Hickville, by Anthony Scaduto (October 5, 1995) [about Rev. John Mott]
- Cardinal Law Ordains Two Auxiliary Bishops for Archdiocese, by John Cronin (December 28, 1995)

- Church Strips Priest of Duties: Unprecedented Step Follows Sex Abuse Probe, by Stuart Vincent (February 24, 1994) [about Rev. Kenneth Hasselbach]

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