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Archbishop Dolan Faith in our Future
  Living Our Faith
  Restricted Diocesan Priests due to Substantiated Reports of Sexual Abuse of a Minor
  July 9, 2004

In line with the assurances given in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, these are the names of diocesan priests of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee who have been (or would be if they were still alive) restricted from all priestly ministries, may not celebrate the sacraments publicly, or present themselves as priests in any way. In addition, in accordance with the canonical norms that have been established, the allegations against any living priest are sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.

Questions and Answers about this information

  • Raymond A. Adamsky, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • James L. Arimond, Laicized

  • Ronald J. Bandle, Deceased

  • James W. Beck, Left Priestly Ministry

  • Franklyn W. Becker, Laicized

  • Michael C. Benham, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Frederick J. Bistricky, Deceased

  • Daniel A. Budzynski, Laicized

  • Peter A. Burns, Laicized

  • S. Joseph Collova, Excommunicated

  • Andrew P. Doyle, Laicized

  • William J. Effinger, Deceased

  • George A. Etzel, Deceased

  • William J. Farrell, Deceased

  • James M. Flynt, Laicized

  • James M. Godin, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Edmund H. Haen, Deceased

  • David J. Hanser, Laicized

  • Harold A. Herbst, Deceased

  • George S. Hopf, Deceased

  • James N. Jablonowski, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Marvin T. Knighton, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • John T. Knotek, Deceased

  • Michael J. Krejci, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Eugene T. Kreuzer, Deceased

  • Oswald G. Krusing, Deceased

  • Jerome E. Lanser, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Eldred B. Lesniewski, Deceased

  • Daniel J. Massie, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Lawrence C. Murphy, Deceased

  • Michael T. Neuberger, Dismissed from clerical state (case in appeal)

  • Richard W. Nichols, Deceased

  • George A. Nuedling, Deceased

  • John A. O’Brien, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Donald A. Peters, Laicized

  • Roger W. Schneider, Left Priestly Ministry

  • Clarence J. Schouten, Deceased

  • Vincent A. Silvestri, Deceased

  • Thomas A. Trepanier, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Jerome A. Wagner, Laicized

  • John C. Wagner, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Charles W. Walter, Fully Restricted from Priestly Ministry

  • Siegfried F. Widera, Deceased

For information on Reporting Incidents of Sexual Abuse, visit this link or call the Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response Services Office at (414) 769-3436.

For a list of Programs that Provide Free Services to Sexual Abuse Victims/Survivors, please visit this link.

Resolution of cases under Church law

Archbishop Dolan's July 9, 2004, E-Mail to Archdiocesan, Parish and School Leaders

updated November 26, 2007

 Article created: 6/22/2004
   © Archdiocese of Milwaukee 2007
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