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Ten-Minute Activist: Audit the Audit
USCCB Audit Needs Local Perspectives

Please read the two- or three-page USCCB audit report for your diocese. How does the audit match your experience in the diocese since the Dallas Charter was drafted in June 2002? Have the auditors gotten it right, or have they left things out? Consider writing a letter to the editor of your local paper about what you find, copying us, your bishop, and Bishop Gregory. Your feedback will help us compile a national assessment of the audit. For addresses and other useful information, see below.

Useful Information

  • Click here for the list of dioceses from which to select your diocese's audit (2 or 3 pages).
  • Click here for the list of diocesan audits by state.
  • Click here for the main USCCB audit report (34 pages).
  • Click here for a helpful guide to writing letters to the editor and contacting your local newspaper.
  • Click here to get contact information for your bishop and other members of the Catholic hierarchy.
  • Please send a copy of your critique to us at

Examples of the Audit's Local Mistakes

  • Trenton NJ, Phoenix AZ, and Dallas TX - For good examples of the audit's failure to get the local story and why, see Marci Hamilton's analysis.
  • Reform in Los Angeles CA - The Los Angeles audit gives a commendation to the Los Angeles archdiocese for instituting some reforms before the Dallas Charter. But the audit doesn't mention that Cardinal Mahony was compelled to adopt those reforms because a visionary survivor, Ryan DiMaria, wrote them into his settlement agreement. See an article on DiMaria's role.
  • Confidentiality in Providence RI - The Providence audit claims that no confidentiality agreements have been signed by the diocese since June 2002. But the $13.5 million settlement that was concluded on September 9, 2002 did have a confidentiality agreement (see paragraph 4 of the Agreement to Mediate).


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