Bishop Accountability

[Obtained from Web site of plaintiffs' attorney Windle Turley,]

This settlement brings closure to a long period of sadness for all of us. There are no simple solutions when confronting terrible acts such as those inflicted by Rudy Kos. To the victims and their families, I once again want to apologize on behalf of the Diocese. Based on what we know now, the decisions made concerning Rudy Kos were errors in human judgment. We accept the burden of the verdict. I regret very much what happened, and I am deeply sorry for your pain. The Diocese acknowledges the trial, the verdict and the judgment. The Diocese and its insurers have now offered and are paying monetary compensation to the victims in settlement of the litigation. For that reason, the judgment is being released and vacated. I can tell you we have instituted new programs and policies to try to prevent this from happening again. Hopefully this settlement will provide us with a new beginning so that we can walk humbly with our God.

Most Reverend Charles V. Grahmann


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