Bishop Accountability

Commentary on the Grahmann Testimony
By Bill Betzen

[This index to passages from the Grahmann testimony was last updated on July 5, 2003. It is reproduced from Mr. Betzen's Web page and is keyed to the version of the testimony posted on]

Bishop Grahmann claimed under oath that he never read the Diocesan Kos Personnel file. He admitted that after the Diocese had received no fewer than 10 reports reflecting possible sexual abuse by Rudy Kos, including reports by two priests, one of whom had taken concerns directly to Bishop Grahmann twice, and after victims had come forward and lawsuits had been filed, he still had never taken the time to read the Diocesan Rudy Kos Personnel file to be familiar with the record. With this lack of detailed information he then refused to follow the recommendations of a child abuse expert in early April 1992 and allowed Kos to continue to have access to his parish and the victims. The Diocesan record that he did not read ultimately helped document the abuse of many young men and cost the Diocese millions of dollars. - Page 7610, line 13 and Page 7618 line 17

Bishop Grahmann, speaking about his third meeting in July 1992 with Fr. Rudy Kos following multiple complaints, stated that he said to Fr. Kos: "Stop. Don't have little boys overnight......"I'll move you if you do." Note: Bishop Grahmann still had not taken time to read Kos personnel file. We must ask: "What parish and which of our sons may have been ultimately victimized if "John Doe #1" had not come forward that next September to file the first lawsuit?" - Page 7616, lines 16-19

Bishop Grahmann states, "I was appointed Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas in view of the fact that the present bishop was going to retire." - Page 7816, lines 9-11

Bishop Grahmann says he does not consider it necessary to tell Catholic parents and children in the diocese that it is against diocesan policy for children to spend the night in the rectory or to go on overnight trips with a priest unaccompanied. - Page 7854, line 25 to Page 7856, line 20


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