Fr. Gilbert Gauthe

Ordained: 1971
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Diocese of Lafayette LA

First widely publicized abuser. Diocesan scout leader. Allegations first arose in 1983. Convicted in 1985 of abuse of as many as 39 young children 1972-83. Served 10 years in prison. Multiple civil suits and settlements. In 1997 pled no contest to abuse of a 3-year-old boy in TX. Given 7 years probation. Charged in 12/97 with rape of a young girl at gunpoint 20 years prior. Jailed two years in Lafayette until charges dropped. As of 2008 was living near Houston TX. Arrested in 4/08 for failing to register as sex offender. Served two years in county jail. Released 4/23/10. In 2014 living in San Leon TX. On diocese's list in 4/19. Still living in San Leon. Added to the Alexandria diocese's list.