Priest Will Be Tried

October 29, 2002

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Father Héctor Faustino Lezcano Pared, pastor in the town of Bosques, in Quilmes (Buenos Aires Province), will stand trial at an oral hearing open to the public scheduled for April 2003, as determined by a Quilmes court, Juzgado de Transición Civil N° 3.  Pared is under arrest for alleged sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

The case was reported by Clarín on August 17, at which time it became known that the 44-year-old was a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Quilmes, who, in October 2000, was accused of child abuse by Julio González, an agronomist and former employee of the children’s home, Hogar Hermano Francisco, in Bosques.  The priest had been the home’s director since 1992. 

The case appeared Sunday on “Periodistas”, a television program on América TV.

Pared was imprisoned on February 20, 2001 at Unidad Penitenciaria 9, in La Plata.  A few days ago, on October 19, 2002, he was transferred to Unidad 12, in Gorina, close to Buenos Aires.

The priest is charged with having abused six minors, ages 8 to 13.  On the television program, a boy who called himself Rafael, allegedly the brother of an[other] abused boy, and whose face was covered [to protect his identity], said the priest invited them to watch movies, some of which had pornographic content, and claimed that “many times he [Pared] crossed the line.”  According to what he revealed on the program, “after the movies came the massages, followed by the sexual abuse.”



















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