Press Release from the Diocese of Quilmes

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Faced with the news accounts that were broadcast on the program “La Cornisa,” hosted by journalist Luis Majul, in relation to Father Rubén H. Pardo and a case brought before the criminal justice system in the city of Quilmes, this Diocese wants to inform its parishioners and the general public that:
1. From the beginning of the legal proceedings in this case, maximum collaboration was given in response to the various judicial orders.  The corresponding complaint had already previously been made to the diocese by the affected parties.
2. In the context of the diocesan bishop’s obligations, Monsignor Luis Stöckler took the steps required by the laws of the Church.  The accused [priest] was prevented from exercising any and all duties of the pastoral ministry.  Far from any act of concealment or delay, the bishop responded to all injunctions [in accordance with] the terms and manner mandated by law, including him making an unsolicited statement regarding the case.
3. The Church does not in any way minimize the severity of any conduct that threatens human dignity, human freedom, or human decency.  Hence, [the Church] binds itself to and enforces, strictly and urgently, the obligation to denounce this to the Holy See.  The Bishop of Quilmes did just that, and had the ecclesiastical courts intervene immediately, at no time to the detriment of the legal proceedings that are the concern of the civil judicial authorities in the matter at hand.
4. We understand and feel the depth of the pain of those who were affected, who we accompanied from the very start [and continue to accompany today].
5. We await fair and impartial justice, which will not be dictated by the urgency of the media outlets, but only when the plain facts and objective truth are elucidated.
6. This Diocese expects that the reporters and media companies will not mislead the people, falsely suggesting that Church Hierarchy has committed a crime.
Quilmes, April 19, 2004


















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