Student Reveals How He Was Abused

He provided testimony in court

Diario El día
July 26, 2008

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The 15 year-old student allegedly abused at a religious school in Morón, in the province of Buenos Aires, testified in court concerning the “dark details of the episode,” in which he claims that a priest of the establishment groped him, then tried to forcefully kiss him on the mouth, and convince him to perform oral sex in an office.

Yesterday, in declarations to the Argentine news cable channel, Canal 26, the father of a girl who is a friend and classmate of the boy who was allegedly abused, told Canal 26 that “more than anger, this episode causes disgust, and we will pressure school authorities to investigate until the bitter end.”

As published yesterday in this newspaper’s exclusive report, the alleged abuse occurred at Monseñor Solari School, located on the 4800 block of Don Bosco Avenue, at which, according to the criminal complaint, a 15 year-old boy was sexually abused by a priest, an incident that would have occurred last Wednesday.

Dark Details
“My daughter is a classmate of Nicolás, the abused boy, who told her the details of the abuse in a chat message,” said the father of the girl. “What happened was horrific, because the priest fondled him, then took him inside an office, where he tried to kiss him on the mouth, and, when the boy resisted, told him that if he wanted to leave, he had to give him oral sex.”

"I cannot repeat the exact words, because they are extremely shocking, and more than anger, this episode causes disgust. The boy was in shock, and he revealed everything to his parents, who then filed the corresponding complaint,” he said.

In his declarations to the press, the father added: “One cannot comprehend how these incidents occur at a religious school,” and that “ever since we learned of the abuse, all the parents are very concerned, we are uneasy and we fear the recurrence of such episodes.”
Surprise and Investigation
In response to the incident, the legal representative of the school, Father Joaquín Portaña, gave a press conference in which he stated that "the criminal complaint is real, and we are cooperating with law enforcement at the police station because we believe that our assistance is needed.”
Asked about the accused teacher, whom the father of the girl identified only as “Friar Diego,” Father Portaña said he “does not have a history of similar episodes, and so all this is surprising to us,” and that “the authorities will be in charge of determining if our colleague is guilty.”

The head of the Provincial Department of Private Education, Néstor Ribet, made an appearance at the school, where he said that “the investigating authorities met with school officials to get to the bottom of the matter, and thereby give a peace of mind to the parents of the student body.”




















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