Church Scandal: The Vatican Arraigns Argentine Priest for Abuse [of Authority] and Sexual Harassment

Priest in question is Reinaldo Narvais, of Rosario, Santa Fe, who would have abused eight people, including a minor with a disability.

El Sol
June 14, 2011

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 The priest of Rosario, Reinaldo Narvais, must face [church] legal proceedings, as ordered by the Vatican.  Narvais was denounced by members of Nuestra Señora de Pompeya Parish.  He has defended himself and refers to a “boycott” against him.
The priest has been accused of sexual harassment and abuse of authority by various members of Nuestra Señora de Pompeya Parish, in Rosario.  He’ll face trial in accordance with the canon law of the Catholic Church, as ordered by the Vatican.
In addition to parish priest, he was legal representative of the [parish’s] academic establishment.  The victims would have been at least eight people, one of whom was a minor with a mental disability.
The priest, 47 years old, must face the legal proceedings, by direct order from the Vatican, which, after evaluating the documentation and evidence of the abuse, issued the order.
A few days ago, the order to move forward with the arraignment was communicated from the highest authorities of the Catholic Church to Monsignor José Luis Mollaghan, Archbishop of Rosario, and was reported by La Capital, a Mendoza newspaper, which cited a source at the Archdiocese.
Narvais, who was removed from the parish where he worked, is now presumably undergoing a process of rehabilitation at a location that hasn’t been identified. 
A national council of the congregation decided, in a unanimous ruling, to separate the accused priest from the Rosario community, requiring him to take a year of sabbatical, and ordering him to undergo psychological treatment, all the while prohibiting him from performing the functions of a priest or giving classes in his capacity as teacher “until his adequate recovery is attained.”

The priest was reported to have had a meeting with Monsignor Mollaghan on May 25 at the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Rosario, presumably to be notified of the arraignment authorized by the Vatican.

In August 2010, the Vatican received the final report, whose elaboration involved taking about 10 testimonies, including those of alleged victims and of former employees of the parish, located in Mendoza, on the 5160 block of the west side of the city.
According to a local newspaper of Rosario, sources with access to the conclusions of the investigation carried out by the Canónigos Regulares de Letrán Congregation, of which the accused priest is a member, say the final report gives credence to the notion that the accusation could be a plot against the priest.  This is the same argument that the priest used to defend himself against his accusers.

But, according to sources who spoke with El Sol, the Congregation still hasn’t explained why it paid compensatory damages to one of the alleged victims.

The episodes of sexual harassment and abuse of authority attributed to Narvais came to the attention of the public in October 2008, at the parish of Pompeya, Rosario.



















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